1. I shall not lol at this picture.
    The lion and the tiger that “starred” in all theese shows must both be dead by now, that’s how the stuff works in theese kind of circuses. Most animals aren’t used more than 2-3 years. They usually get declawed and defanged, then most of them are “taught” to perform by force, using a whip or other “animal torture” methods.
    I strongly dissaprove of this kind picture, even if it’s hillarious for some, it’s saddening for me.
    PS: Fuck off haters.

  2. @SimBad The worst part is that the US will not act against this type of treatments because they owe way too much money to the Chinese government, and of course, if China was to ask for their money, a nuclear war will break… Its a shame really… Im with you on this one :D

  3. @ W00t Don’t get me started on this :/
    How is this fun?
    For an average human, a lion is something you see in the savannah, eating meat and chasing gazelles. It’s funny to see this particual animal in an awkward position doing something awkward, in our case riding on top of a horse. Why? Because it’s called situational comic. In no normal way a lion should be on top of a horse. It is the same shit with a dog reading a newspaper, you laugh at the situation.
    For example, this is funny:
    But the truth is, theese poor animals aren’t doing what they do because they like it or feel like it. They are forced, by us humans, to do stuff that we would like them to do. And the means necessary for them to do that usually aren’t the good ways.

    If I’m on the subject and I’m Romanian, please whoever is Romanian watch


    Then you will see the way I see about the status of theese endagered creatures.

  4. Animal cruelty happens all over the world, i dont get your point. I love animals more than i love some humans, but i alone cannot stop them from being abused. Maybe with time things will change.

  5. fuck the animals; we, humans, must be at the top of the food chain at all times, in any environment.
    We only need cows, chickens, deers and a few pets.

  6. fuck you, you animal loving pieces of feces, when it comes to the animal named homo sapiens, you dont give a shit, but when its about other animals you transform into caring bitches.

  7. people who give a shit or more than one should give it in their bathroom, not on the internets or anywhere else

  8. @ssdd who the hell are you to decide on who we should give a shit? if i wanna give a shit about bacterias, that`s my own business. just because there are so many people with needs it makes it all right for animals to suffer also, or what is exactly taht you are saying? what does one have to do with the other? both are important issues, and each is free to choose which one is more important to himself. ass…

  9. you can help your bacteria by killing yourself, or if you like animals more go join a organisation that interbreeds with animals (peta, and that is a fact). and if you really think that the real issue it the result named animal cruelty, than i must say you have no clue about the way life works. you are like the dumb matematician that erases the result of a equation without noticing that the equation is wrong.

  10. Oh, Mr. “People Lover” tells me to go kill myself. You showed me, allright… Issues are named like that, “animal cruelty”, “domestic violence” etc. When someone is against such an issue he/she is against everything that leads to their existance.
    And by insulting someone you don`t know 3 times in 5 rows, you only remembered us, the “dumb” animal lovers why we rather care about animals…

  11. dude i dont care about people either, but if it werent for the mass agriculture (habitat destruction) and animal cruelty (meat industry), i doubt you would exist right now, so go eat your meat from your supermarket, or kill your own food wich both are cruel to animals, or be a pussy vegetarian and destroy the animal habitat in peace because you can say you are against animal cruelty on a forum and live in peace with yourself.

  12. ssdd, are you at puberty? Seriously, but you sound like a goddamn pissed teenager who thinks he owns the absolute truth. Just because we kill animals for food/pleasure, doesn’t mean that we have the right to humiliate them. Did you ever hear about adaptability? No? Figures, since you’re such a dork… Where the fuck did you hear about agriculture=habitat destruction? The land needs to be worked. It is basic soil biology. It is like an unused muscle. Did you hear about endangered species? Or about killing for fun? Or about natural balance? So go to your corner and suck a dick. You are to stupid to talk to people. Hush!

  13. ghuv man, how many wild animals do you see in romania or where you live.
    i didnt say you have the right to humiliate them, but dont be a little bitch because you heard that some animals were humiliated.
    what does adaptability have to do with what i was talking about? oh i get it now we had the brain power to invent agriculture so we can breed like rats.
    btw did you know that agriculture is the main reason for desertification? so tell me how is that something different from destroing habitat. do you know what was in the place of agricultural fields? IT WAS A GODDAMN FOREST FULL OF WILD ANIMALS
    those animals in the picture have nothing to do with endangered species.

  14. if you would really give a shit, you would give a shit about the consequences of your existance. not only that something happened somewhere.

  15. This argue leads to nowhere. Bottom line is that the human is the worst animal ever. Yes, i don’t like going to the zoo, to the circus, etc. Yes, because of the animals. Probrem? Agriculture is very good. Exhausting agriculture is what leads to desertification, because of the depletion of soil nutrients. We are way to selfish to care about animals. Damn, we are to selfish to care about each other. In my previous posts i made you an idiot. That’s because i don’t care about you and your feelings. This makes me a selfish and idiot person to. But i still did it. The same way we treat animals. I don’t know, i just hate to see animals suffer. I’m not Mowgli or some shit, i just hate it…

  16. ^What he said. Also this whole discussion was pointless, just because I gave a fuck, it doesn’t mean you can’t ignore me, just press “Back” and be done with it.

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