1. You can easily extrapolate it using a simple formula which uses the number and type of insults used and the degree of Romanian culture infused in the English translation. Would you like me to calculate it for you as well?

  2. @Melcul Netrebnic: I am very sorry to tell you this, but you made three mistakes in your first comment:

    1. “bnm is thinking” – I’m sure hi’s not
    2. 3? 3 is a pretty large number for him
    3. “he can count” – I believe you meant “he is a cunt”.

  3. no idea how this post escaped my sight…guess i had better shit to do than start insulting one person on a picture he didn’t even say anything…you know, the only ppl who do this kind of stuff are these : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN1ru6_u8lY
    , but i already gave you this link ;) …if you are the metalhead you say you are than you know what i’m talking about…but i guess you aren’t now are you…no worries ..metalheads are known to be stupid just like the ppl who listen to manele….you see what i did there..i avoided discrimination LOL…

    @Nastratin: dude stop licking his ass and think for yourself:))..and learn to spell too.

    I really enjoy how there is the same pattern of ppl on every site of this type. You can’t say that ppl here think…they just follow the trend of trolling…or that’s what they think they do;).

    anyway…good luck in your miserable lives and keep up the good work…you are the perfect citizens for this country…even if you think you are trying to make a difference around here :))

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