1. @Dartes If you dislike their wine and food, it’s all white… hmmm it looks like their typical flag when they head to the front…

  2. Well I’m French and I’m pretty sure that for nearly 90% of countries, it is only the culture that is good and not its people.

    Who likes American, English, French, Italians, Spanish… ?

  3. Well I’m American, and have never had any problems with the people in the above listed countries. But I have heard horror stories of the French, having never actually met a french person I can’t comment. But I will say Frances reputation especially towards Americans is extremely poor. But I’ve been to England, Ireland, Japan, Korea, and China. All of those people in those countries we’re always very respectful and nice to me. Very rarely have I came across a foreigner who truly detested Americans like I’ve heard the French detest us.

  4. @Jukari : Oh yes, they all hated you. But acting nice and spiting in your food was probably the way to go rather than spiting in your face and tell you how much they want to see you dead. It’s called “Etiquette”

  5. Excuse me but I don’t agree
    1 Romanian wine is better
    2 The french people are the worse
    3 The food? oh please I don’t eat frogs, there are other countries with better food

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