1. What the fuck is that shit? Post a picture of some proper wheels of steel, not some noname deck with some crappy red needle.


  2. Nastratin, the one and twos is the real thing. Anything else doesn’t deserve to be on a wallpaper.

    An Ass

  3. Bloodninja, thank you for lighting me up. Now makes sense everything.

    I understand now that you are just stupid or just trolling.

    P.S. I did not said you actually are an ass. You just were very close to be an ass. What I wanted to say was: “Don’t cross the line of being an ass man, please don’t.” But unfortunately, you did.

  4. Yeah, man, don’t be an ass, Daft might drool over you. You know he’s 2010 Salad Tossing Champion

  5. Thank God, bloodninja, you understand. From now on you will not be violent, right?

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