1. they see me rollin` .. they hatin`…

    haters gonna hate…

    robot unicorn atack

    i got lots of them…should i keep them commin`?

  2. Climb up on my faithfull steeeed.
    Then we gun’ ride and then smoke some weeeheheeed.
    Climb up on my big-ass steeeed.
    And riiiide, riiiiide, riiiiiiiiiiiide…

    Tenacious D anyone?

  3. I don’t know if it’s gay to own a bike like that, but the kid behind him looks really jealous.

    u jelly?

  4. Charliiiiie Charliiiiie Let’s go to candy mountain’ ! Charliiie Charliiie Charliiie

  5. they cought charlie at the candy mount’in an took all of ‘im…left only enough to make a bike o.O

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