Vancouver Stanley Cup riot hero

2011 Stanley Cup riot Vancouver bald guy punch fight

The Canadian Technoviking makes a stand against a whole mob of wild faggots (video). Join the world in facepalming at Canada’s faggotry.
South Park was right.


  1. also saw a video from ’11 when a bunch of skateboarking pricks hit a car 3-4 minutes in a row then a solid dude comes over and fends them with ease saying that vancouver doesn’t ned this. i can’t really see the point in hitting a car when you’re angry because some fucking idiots lost a game, and they call romania a third world country… that guy should be given an m1a1 abrams and let him roam the city streets free, that would be proper justice.

  2. Vancouver lost a hockey match. Fans got pissed and started rioting, tearing everything apart for no reason, pretty much like you’ve seen in those countries that have been fighting for freedom lately.
    The Hero guy had strong feelings against this ape fest, and decided he was gonna fight everyone.

  3. This is bullshit, i expected to see fucking people flying all over the place from that guys punches, yet i didnt even see a punch, only in the picture.

  4. actually if you take a look at 1.21 in the video you can kindof see him when he’s going for that guy and after they start piling over the poor sod :))

  5. A person on Youtube, claiming to be his father, says his name is bert easterbrook, what a badass

  6. I was there. It was one of the most exhilarating and terrifying experiences of my life. It was chaos. Fires and fights everywhere. I decided to leave the second time i got tear gassed. I got some sweet pics though. Whats amazing is the next day something like 5000 volunteers cleaned up the city very nicely. All in all it was a pretty disgusting scene but I was glad to see it first hand.

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