1. k,maybe i m retarded,but,i don t get it,i see that the joke is about goatse,but looking at the pic,,

  2. goatse=
    A disgusting picture of a man stretching his anus extremely wide. One of the oldest jokes on the internet is to link the picture to internet forums and chatrooms, renamed to look like something else like “happybunnies.jpg” . Often causes people to freak out.

  3. @Twixerer dude….you really fucking saved us all….thank you. and the question comes naturally. have you ever seen one of those? :))

  4. So someone spelled it goatse and she thought it was a typo. The truth was… *points at her mouth*

  5. how more imagination could you fucking lack? the scene is supposed to happen like this: “Hey, Molly, let me show you a goatse! Here you go! But Drew, there’s no ‘e’ in- that’s not a goat!”

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