1. Here’s an interesting bit of information: Henri Coanda discovered ( and named ) the effect of fluids ( liquids and gasses ) “sticking” to the nearest solid surface they can find.

    So it’s the Romanians to blame.

  2. Blame the romanians for just a simple theory? What you said was like : If it wasn’t for romanians, the water wouldn’t have sticked to the nearest solid surface.

    Come on…

  3. its all about in the speed that u torn over the liquid from the container…i hate when i waste milk on the floor :-s

  4. You guys don’t get out much, do you?

    Over my comment, I got: corrected, ( part of it constructive criticism – it’s true that not all fluids act the same; part of it, plain arrogance “Durr Hurr Skewl 2 u!” ), and I won’t ever bother with that other comment, insinuating my stupid belief that physics apply differently to different nationalities of people.

    But don’t worry, I’m not upset. I know you just needed to feel better about stuff :)

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