1. @nUsume
    That’s probably because you have IE as the default browser. Check settings.

    Firefox is crap now. Incredibly slow and a ton of crashes. Especially since they introduced that plugin-container crap…

    Classic RAGE scenario… open 14 tabs with porn streaming after hours of searching for the right ones… the 15th flash stream crashes the browser… Restore Session crashes it over and over again because you can’t close that 15th tab… Start New Session… have a mediocre fap, ruined by that piece of shit browser.

    Chrome is cute, but lacks features and stuff. Too light.
    Some people have started using IE again, because it doesn’t suck as much as it used to. They say that it’s actually quite good.

  2. chrome is my first choice here. it’s incredibly fast and has a shitload of features and plug-ins and skins, and themes, you can set a wallpaper for google.com with your google account, it’s good for some light hacking, has another shitload of fan-made stuff and so-on…

  3. At an Internet Explorer 9 presentation a handicapped kid stood up by himself out of a wheelchair and walked out of the room.

  4. @miaunell : Hahahahah hahahahhaah Safari ? ahahahah can’t stop laughing hahaha

  5. My Top 3 browsers :

    1- Chrome (Very light and fast, clean and ergonomique UI, and very good extensions, no need to use greasemonkey for javascript)

    2- IE 9.0 (They made a very good job, clean UI and very fast, miss some good extensions)

    3- Mozilla Firefox : many extensions, but I don’t like the UI, way slower than chrome and IE :(

  6. when u install chrome it sets as default browser, but some old programs still opens IE even i don’t have it set as the main browser…love Angry Machine’s reaction over safari xD what about Opera?

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