1. i keep feeling you’re taking stuff from 9gag…. 95% of the new content here… I already saw it on 9gag 2-3 days before at least

  2. @TanLorik
    Bitch, please.

    First of all, I don’t really like 9gag. It’s nice, but not my kinda stuff (too mainstream and soft and mostly inane).

    Second, it’s the internet bitch. You’ll find that all sites host similar content to some degree, that’s why it’s called internet phenomenon and memes. 95% ? Eat shit. It’s nowhere near that high. Also, some of the stuff posted there has already been posted here. Actually, there’s also some stuff posted right from here (with a meh.ro link).
    It works both ways.

    Third, 9gag is basically posting everything from reddit, you retarded fuck. It’s people like you, who just started to internet and don’t know shit about it, that think 9gag is the most awesome site ever. Well, it is not.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying 9gag sucks ‘cuz it’s posting everything from reddit, and the only thing that makes me feel they’re OK for copypasta-ing another site is the fact that some people find social sharing sites difficult to browse. Basically, they’re reddit on a more user-friendly platform.
    So yeah, they’re OK for people who enjoy reddit’s content but don’t like the reddit platform.
    As in meh.ro’s case, which is more 4chan-orientated in content style. I personally love some of 4chan’s content, but I hate browsing it due to its platform and my lack of interest for fast-paced social interaction with rich media support.
    On the other hand, you sir, are a faggot, for accusing a site of stealing content from another site who obviously takes almost all its content in real time from yet another site (and reddit isn’t top tier either)
    TL;DR – learn to internet, cunt.

  3. Well.. he used logic like a pro so.. 9/10.. also, how illegal is there to be with a girl under 16 since you are over 18? It ain’t such a big of a deal here, where i live.

  4. Respect on that guys logic though..
    I’d love to see this question been placed by a woman and answered by another.
    I imagine it would involve penis size ,income and social status.

  5. @AndrewSmiles : neither in my country. It’s pretty commun to see adults with young sluts…

  6. @Negative0 butthurt much?

    while I do respect your opinion, you got your facts wrong…
    1.while 9gag has content from reddit, it doesn’t have content exclusively from there, reddit simply has an account there where stuff gets posted… there are other users there, a simple example is the webcomic cyanide and happiness

    2.seriusly 4chan content?like what board? I’m assuming you’re talking about /b/ …. if so… seriously…. go visit 4chan.org/b/ and lurk moar than speak…. 9gag has just as much similar content like meh…

    3.I wasn’t comparing the two sites… I like both… it was just that most of the content on meh now… I have already seen it there… and ok, maybe 95% was an exageration…. but at least 75%….

    4.I did not acuse meh of stealing content… I was merely stating that the competitions is faster…. better… no… but faster nonetheless ( I said I got the feeling you are taking stuff from there… didn’t say you actually ARE taking stuff… even I can easily prove that meh isn’t stealing content from there: 9gag resizes, meh keeps the original size, many images on meh are alot larger than the ones on 9gag)

    5.posted with a meh.ro link? I have yet to see one… also all their files are kept on their server and meh doesn’t add watermarks… how can you prove content is from meh?

    TL;DR: U MAD?

    @unders yw

  7. TanLorik you ate some dog shit or what? i checked 9gag for 10 minutes straight and haven’t seen a fucking picture that’s on meh too. oh shit, i forgot, i saw one. the picture above. AAAND that osama bin laden and the navy seals shit i also saw everyfuckingwhere. so go eat some more dog shit untill you learn to shut the fuck up and apreciate someone’s time spent to show you some pictures with the idea that you like them and the go fap to hentai or dogporn, whatever the fuck you enjoy most…

  8. @TanLorik

    1. rules 1&2 you idiot faggot.
    2. as Negative0 said, lrn2internet
    3. 9gag is a fucking joke, I personally hate that queer-like site with all that lame-ass content.

  9. it is more similar to /b/ than 9gag.
    there is no original content.

  10. fuck. i`d go with all four. Nobody would know with Becca, i`d wear a condom with the slut and simply fuck the other twos. And then go get a beer with friends. What`s so fucking diifficult?

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