1. What’s up with that ‘Sweet Prince’ line? He wasn’t a sweet prince at all, he was a motherfucker

  2. poor bastard? many people say osama is a product of some elaborate USA conspiracy. i didn’t think either he ever existed. go see the zeitgeist series and you’ll know what i’m talking about, and there are soe other numerous documentaries about this and 9/11 and the americans staged that for obtaining a good reason to engage on the middle-eastern countries for oil and other benefits, one hand washes the another.

  3. actually obama’s retorts to donald trump and matt damon were way better than any news on osama

  4. *America leveled up*
    New rank: Crusader
    Welcome to the club, bro.
    “We’re the best at what we do, but what we do best isn’t very nice” – Europe on Centuries of gang raping the Middle East in the name of God and Freedom

  5. ya, some unsung hero… but how many terrorists would try to kill this soldier? better for him to be unknow.

  6. well, the fact that they killed obama may represent the end of the present rape. chavez beware. good thing for him libya bent down first.

  7. political conspiracy anyone? us. gov faked the death of osama so that dumb ass americans will vote Obama again in the coming election. as someone above me said: “pics or it didn’t happen” and not those fake pics that were show by AP and then retracted fo no reason.

  8. @Maus, hahahha did you notice what the reporter said at the end of the story? “they allready knew Binladen was in that compound since march” and only now they sent a strike tream to kill him ?! ahhahahahahha , they expect us to belive that shit :)) (probably most americans do lol)

  9. I feel like in a cartoon. When they FINALLY kill the big bad boss and all the evil in the world is defeated BUT there must be an equilibrium , so a new better evil appears in the shade >:) what will happend next … ?

  10. Geez, alot of the pictures from inside Osama’s “mansion” look just like the background in pictures you see of chicks taking nekkid pictures of themselves. Crap on the floor, unmade beds, cereal bowl on the nightstand.

  11. Boogeyman dead. Celebration day for mosques of the world: US beard sensor missiles remain grounded.

  12. Osama’s “death” will be followed by a “terrorist” retaliation on an american objective which in turn will give the american government justification to attack another arabic country so they can install their own puppet leader and suckle on the oil reserves.

    Just wait&see.

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