1. …and 1st didn’t want to read it, was too much to read for a pic, but then…

    I think that i lost alot of things….

    Made me sad u.u
    Now i’m sad o.o

  2. Indeed .. Sometimes things just fly by without any hope for us realizing ..

    Time is our worst enemy BY FAR!

  3. Lol, this can be put other way too. Maybe the 100$ is overrated because people say it’s cool so it must be cool. See Apple, Coldplay etc.

  4. A high-quality musician cannot be over-rated… shit tier like Lady Gaga and others can, because they play ordinary music for the sheep masses. Real music is made only by real musicians.

  5. this seems like a dumb experiment
    it’s like getting moon rocks to the africans and, when they disregard the awesomeness of the rocks, jumping to the conclusion that human nature is shit cose it cannot see beauty.
    in the same way they got an awesome violonist in a metro station.

    considering that probably people that go to his concerts don’t use the metro, that probably 1% (and i’m being generous) of the people in that station ever listened to classic music, how were those people supposed to apreciate it.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is not just a saying. Beauty is a relativ thing. A blind person cannot understand the beauty of a flower but that does not mean it cannot understand beauty at all. The people in the station did not see the beauty of the music not necesarly because they were in a hurry but simply because they don’t see that type of music as beatiful. Pretty much like doing a picasso exposition for the blind. Sad and fucking pointless.

  6. @chocolatechip….dude…nobody stopped, not even for curiosity, not even to ask “what the hell are you playing dude?”. The experiment was meant to show that people don`t take a second to look around or, in this case, listen around. You are right, ppl that aren`t keen on classical music, can`t really appreciate it but if i was to see a dude playing the hardest tracks on a violin i`d stop for a bit.

  7. @chocolatechip
    You’re really off today, WTF’s with you?
    Space rocks have been around since the dawn of time. Most ancient tools and weapons are made from their ore. No one gave a fuck about their origin. Only shitty nations worshiped boulders from the sky.
    Bad example.

    Not sure about the purpose of the experiment but, generally, it comes down to consumer behavior and man’s perception of goods and services. It’s well known that we have fundamental needs (those vital to our existence). Besides those, there’s a shitload of other needs and wants for improving our comfort and making our activities more efficient. Therefore, their degree of significance can variate depending on another shitload of factors.
    Music is one of them. Entertainment’s utility is to provide comfort and produce happiness. But ultimately it’s unimportant, since we can live without it.
    In this scenario, people are engaged in other activities of higher priority, music loses its importance and it even becomes insignificant.
    You might argue that people should rethink their priorities and stop and smell the roses occasionally. (and that’s probably the experiment’s point) But you don’t know what those individuals were doing, and considering the fact that people don’t do shit unless they really have to, it was probably more important than fuckin’ around at a subway station and listening to classical music.
    All this is known in theory. The experiment was part of a project, and projects need hard evidence and data (even if it’s common knowledge) to support their claims . It’s data gathering, just protocol.

  8. ok moon rocks was completely random. my point was that they are supposed to be interesting to study what they’re made of, by people who study them I guess (aka geologists). I guess to those people these rocks are beautiful. hey I live between people that can get a hard on from complicated Lagrange equations, don’t judge me.

    “people are engaged in other activities of higher activities” that’s what? passing by?
    yes probably the point of the experiment was: you stupid fuck rethink your priorities. but in the above experiment it does not apply. none of those people passing by had as a priority listening to classic music at any point in their lives. their argument does not hold.

    if you’re still confused go search the definition of priority. what are you arguing about? that there is an absolute idea of what the priorities in the life of the person should be, and everyone should respect them? cose thats pure bolloks.

  9. The last part – that’s actually what you are arguing. You’re the one saying people should study moon rocks and listen to classical music. :)
    I’m saying: not everyone gives a fuck about rocks and music.

    Lemme rephrase that:
    “…people are engaged in other activities that have a higher priority to them…”
    E.g. “Shit I’m late for work I’mma’ get fired fuck.”

  10. no neg0,
    I’m saying the argument of those guys is “people should study moon rocks and listen to classical music. :)”
    I couldnt give a fuck about people being engaged in shit activities if thats what represents their priorities.

  11. ^Daft first of all u might wanna revise that grammar cose I feel the wrinkles showing up.

    And then ya, fair enaugh, should learn some proper logic and argumantation skills and go troll on some real forums. but was lazy, where could I feel so easily smart if not here ¬¬

  12. although the results were sad enough, I must agree with chocolatechip on this one…for instance, I never went to a classical concert, not even once…but I do appreciate classical music and love the sound of a violin…and yet, I find it to be a waste of talent and good music to have it performed on the subway…it would have been the same if there would be any other type of music, as long as it’s made for the wrong crowd/time/mood…
    I’m pretty sure that if you would have had Eminem freestyling while dressed as a hobo in let’s say…Prague metro, you would have the same results…

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