1. really … is it now? is it the reverse of nom nom nom…? :| gosh… couldn’t figure THAT out….

  2. I was referring to the picture, not your comment. I was thinking of that little cunt Miley Cyrus’ song “Party in the USA” coz no party is a party without everyone puking and passed out bitchez getting raped.

  3. @Roofie, i belive the prolongued usage of the drug that your name accounts for has seriously damaged your neocortex therefore the only way you can form a phrase is by extending the “really… is it now?is it (subject of conversation) …. (question/statement) figure THAT out (…./emo smiley)” pattern

  4. @Roofie, on the other hand that could also be a HUGE MOTHERFUCKING FAIL attempt of trolling and i would seriously preffer the first option

  5. now i figured it out. thanks lup! all the teenage fucktards smoking legal shit like honeysuckle and mold pretending to “feel the music”.

  6. @Daft and Lup
    Dubstep shouldn’t be like that. The dubsted became shit as, well, most of the cool contemporary music.

  7. one type of music shouldn’t be considered shit because of the people that listen to it. it should be considered shit whether it does or does not stay true to it’s core and stands for something other than money and bitches or more money and more bitches.

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