1. that’s xenophobia, not racism. americans are not a distinct race. so you’re not a racist, and definitely not fucking, just a bit dumb.

  2. o no, they are a race, a whole race of undeveloped neanthertals. warmongering fuckers. i’m not going to continue this conversation, i’ve said what i wanted to say.

  3. unders, please don’t insult neanderthals. They are a superior race compared to americans.

  4. Americans invented this awesome thing your using to talk shit on. What has your country invented again?

  5. Countries don’t invent anything, people do. Taking credit as a nation for something that one man or a small group of men did is fucking retarded. Actually it suits you just fine, carry on.

  6. And where do these people come from? That nation you keep calling stupid…
    So what have your “people” invented? That’s right nothing…

  7. Looks like I struck a chord there. Look, buddy, you people are not the sharpest tools in the shed, accept that. It’s not your fault you come from a lineage of the european lower classes who migrated across the ocean just to have a better life.

  8. I’m not your buddy, friend. I’ll agree their are a plethora of dumb people in America, mostly the spoiled rich snobs you see on TV, and the trailer park trash you see whenever there’s a tornado.

    If you ever went to America instead of judging it based on the crap they put on TV, I think you would find their is also a plethora of intelligent people here building the modern technology the world uses, and takes for granted daily.

    Enjoy your:

  9. I’m not your friend, pal. I’ve been to the states, it sucks donkey balls. It’s a police state populated by oppressed retards. My opinion is based on real americans I’ve met. You enjoy your car (gasoline engine and first car invented by Karl Benz – german, diesel engine invented by Rudolf Diesel – german) and TV (invented by Paul Gotlieb Nipkow – german). A couple of intelligent immigrants invented the modern computer, I’ll give you that, but the jet engine was actually invented by a romanian guy living in France, Henri Coanda. And a big thank you goes to Thomas Edison for the light bulb who was actually the son of a canadian couple from Nova Scotia (dutch ancestry).

  10. @Lup, dude, fuck it it’s not like we’re getting anywhere. let him be proud of his chinese computer, japanese car, french airplane, and korean tv.

  11. I’m not you’re pal, buddy. I won’t completely argue you police state statement, but that’s pretty far from true at this point in time however, yes our rights are dwindling.


    Henry ford made the assembly line so that people could actually have a car. However yes the car itself was invented by Karl Benz.

    Touche: The TV was not invented by us… You win this one.

    The first flight took place at Kitty Hawk by the Wright brothers. IE: Airplane

    LOL you can’t just say that the modern computer came from immigrants.

    Actually Germany’s probably the biggest country for inventions, however since I’m of German decent I have no problem with that :)

  12. lol, lup talking about a police state. where are you from again?
    the the only reason you’re expressing your frustrations here is cause there’s a thing called windows. oh yeah, you’ll give them that. i guess those lower classes were not that dumb after all. please, tell us all what was the percentage of rural population in your wonderful country before the communist forced urbanisation? 70% of all romanians have peasant grandparents and you’re talking about lower classes?! the entire romania is a lower class! that has got to be the most hypocritical thing i’ve heard all month. also, you’re not even eating food produced in your own country and are questioning american brands?!
    meanwhile your countrymen are fighting in an american war and you’re writing your bullshit thoughts in english, using an american operating system and downloading american movies. wait… are you wearing your counterfeit american jeans, your nike sneakers and a baseball cap?

  13. unders, you be proud of… wait…. you don’t have anything to be proud about. romania does not and did not produce anything worth mentioning. ever.

  14. @evil_goblin

    friend, you not romanian? me in shock. O.o
    i could have sworn you’re romanian…don’t ask why, it was just an impression…

  15. Most of what you said is true except for the food and clothing bit. But even with our extremely humble, 3rd world country, peasant origins, even the dumbest romanian here on meh.ro is more intelligent than any of you retards.

  16. oh, but unfortunately i am romanian. i just don’t like bullies with no other argument except for their distorted view of the world. if i wasn’t romanian, i wouldn’t even bother remembering if romania was in asia or south america. just like i’m not sure where i’d find sierra leone. it could be in africa, but i’m not putting my money on that. sound like it lays near peru or something.
    lup, except for the food and clothing part you say? you must be the one who drinks brifcor and wears clujana shoes, right? yes, we do grow wheat and pigs and a few other raw materials, but wait a while. in a few years we’ll be importing those too.
    the dumbest romanian here must have been that marine biologist living with his girlfriend you were mocking a few months back, i don’t think he’s a good example to sustain your argument.

  17. What’s the deal with the food and clothing? What’s so important about nourishment and garments to cover your body? Are those the most important things you see in a person?

    You’ve made it clear you’re romanian a long time ago plus the accurate inside data you provided in your previous post gave you away as well.

    You think I’m a bully? Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. What’s it to you? Why do you fuckin’ care what some dude you’ve never met says something about some random nation on the internet? Is your life really that empty that you must fill it with self-righteous acts like the one you’ve just preformed? Get a hobby, stop giving a flying fuck, be open minded and remember that I’m joking 99% of the time I’m posting here.

    P.S.: I’m obscenely wealthy, I do my shopping in London when it comes to clothing. Now try and imagine what kind of food I eat.

  18. hey man, someone had to defend the poor oppressed americans, right? who else, if not the mighty evil goblin?! that IS my hobby. i even have a cape and mask to match my goblin stick.
    about me being romanian, i was only kidding. it should be pretty clear i’m a hungarian nationalist trying to undermine my sworn enemy. get out of transilvania, you filthy pieces of shit! (see?)
    ps 1: NOW you tell me about those 99%?!
    ps 2: shut the fuck up, you were dead serious on this.
    @lovenista: always trust your instincts. except for this one. transilvania is our land!!

  19. 1. No one has to defend anyone.
    2. You don’t know me well enough to tell when I’m joking and when I’m serious. No one can.

  20. right, cause you’re the great misunderstood lup. he keeps a straight face even when joking so no one really knows what lays beneath this tough looking mask. no one knows the soft, jovial lup inside, which is hiding behind this hard lair only for protection, for he has been hurt so, so many times.
    yeah, i guess that can be a good excuse for those times when you can’t get away with talking shit. i’m not buying it. you’re not a troll. you’re a stinger.

  21. master goblin, if ypu really were that kind of scum, then you shoul’d just press that gtfo button…

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