1. i wondered when someone was going to bullshit me about that. it’s not hooking up, it’s making new friends, you should try that sometime.

  2. I would really like they would ban this violence from the mainstream television. Wresting or boxing or whatever… make it 18+, past 10 PM.

  3. @unders
    Get a console, don’t be a nigger.

    It’s actually kinda like that. Also, it’s pay-per-view. It’s quite safe to watch your wild cats shows and Disney drama on TV. :>

    OK, lemme’ give it a try, based on your example:

    Hey Chog! Since we both enjoy the same television program we should explore our sexuality together!

  4. @DaftHour

    Seriously now. Bitch, please.
    You have a repulsion towards blood sports and women. You enjoy arguably gay music and you worship a male duo of ambiguous sexual orientation.
    This reflects an mild effeminate nature, which you overcompensate through obsessive and repetitive statements regarding manliness.
    “Your head is full of cock.” – Sigmund Freud

  5. are you that fucking stupid? 1-consoles are shit 2- asking for a guy’s contact isn’t the same shit as fucking him in the ass. what’s your problem anyway?

  6. Oh, and to finally make my point.
    Mind your own fucking business and keep the faggotry to yourself.
    No one bothered you while you were trying to hook up with your future cornholing buddy; we expect you to act in the same manner and stay the fuck out of threads which do not concern you.

  7. you started it like a damn idiot and now you’re trying to act bossy again and tell people what they should or shouldn’t do. i’ll stai in any threads i fucking please and say whatever the hell i want to. i’ve been checking this site for a year and a half now and i’ll check in daily with or wtihout you being a stupid fuck when someone’s actually being friendly instead of a smartass or an asshole.

  8. Beer on the way. You got my contact, obviously. So… Claim your beer, bro.
    Must admit… Awesomeness, thy name is Jones… He used everything available. Killer elbows (damn, love those!), forearms, even headbutts… Awesome kicks, punches and brilliant takedowns…
    On the other hand, fuckin’ Shogun looked like my granny in there… As you very well put it… He got FUCKIN’ RAPED!
    Who’s next now? Really wanna see Jones fight again… I almost jizzed @ that fuckin’ knee to the face…

  9. Oh, yeah… Almost forgot. Also, I’m such a bitch for anyone that watches UFC. So yeah, we should probably explore our sexuality together.

  10. Missed that Shit, AGAIN!

    Butthole Blasters in the house? Should have figured so much, Daft. Be proud, coming “out” is hard to do. ;)

    Please send me video of this exploration. I pay good money. ;D

  11. @Chog
    SAY IT! Say I was 100% right about absolutely everything I’ve said. SAY EET!

    Just watched the fight again. Man, Jones was in a deep state of concentration. The first time I thought he was hesitating, but he was actually in a profound trance, which made him have absolute control over the whole fight. I’ve never seen something like this before, ever. Silva dominates in a powerful manner, occasionally Machida, but this… 100% domination and complete control with perfect flow. This was Matrix-level focus.

    At this point I can easily state that Jon Jones is the best fighter in the world. Better than Anderson Silva. I’d love to see them fight, after Silva executes GSP, just so everyone can see the greatness of Mah Boy Jones.

  12. I’d say it… But I believe I wanna see Silva’s ass gettin’ kicked by GSP first and have you say I was right… Now that’s gonna be a suh-weet fight! Could easily go either way!
    About that fighting trance, you may be right. Still, he’s one huge mofo, not much anyone could do to him except for maybe a lucky punch? (see Cro Cop vs Schaub)
    The problem is he’s excellent in grappling as well as striking, and when he wraps those anacondas he calls arms and legs around any fighter there’s little to be done…

  13. …at first, I thought all the comments were about how those two seem to be on their way to kiss or something…and THAT IS FUCKING GAY!!!then I saw the comments and now…I don’t think I like you guys any more! someone seems to forget that the success of this whole…”blog”(?)…comes from everyone that shared it with their friends for being what it is…
    I’m starting to think the people in charge of meh are nothing but childish fucks that use homophobic remarks everytime they run out of comebacks, pie jokes and general nonsense. just because you found some pics on the web and you thought about sharing them with us doesn’t mean we all have to fall flat on our back and start kissing your ass. everyone can do this, I’m sorry if you think otherwise…but because all these “meh-bulllies”, this place kinda sucks…almost like those two guys in the top image, right?!:)))

  14. too predictive…but aren’t you the one watching UFC, all moist while describing the fighter’s techniques and shit…bragging about male bonding activities?!
    i guess this might be your pick up line, or something…but you got it wrong, dude!
    so…I’ll just consider you meant gleeful, jovial, glad, joyous, happy, cheerful. I’m cool with that.

  15. that’s precisely the reason some of us think bad of you. this whole “oh we’re friends on meh we team up and gay the fucker up so he ain’t a smartass no more…” . fucking retards….

  16. Did the majority of the members of this site became gay over night? Cuz now I’m worried about my safety…
    And… you gotta admit I was a bit right when i said that ButtHour was an idiot when I first encountered(not literally) him.
    I had to say that. :D

  17. Chog…I agree with your Silva/GSP comment. No need to jump the gun. :D

    …And watch out Griz, you don’t want to catch the Gay…You are also right about ButtHour.

  18. As gay as your dad, Chog…old school gay! :)))
    too bad I have to argue with teenagers like yourself from time to time, thus boring myself to death. good for mind-fuck training, tho’…I have to admit. but since your reply will be as predictive as your first, please retort!

  19. same goes for the broken sex machine guy, just for the fun of it!
    can’t imagine what’s the point of supporting the use of english on meh.ro, since most of you know only “pie” or “gay”…and I can’t even imagine you two watchinf UFC for any other reasons than to bond with your buddies at work, suck any of them off during coffee time or something…pricks!

  20. Oh man, oh man! Look who fuckin’ decided to fuckin’ call me a teenager! I’d love to be a teenager again, son. And mindfucking is one of my favorite activities ever. As is watching UFC.
    Don’t fuckin’ act like an intellectual pussy all of a sudden just cuz you got trolled a bit… You’re an old school fag? Act as such, you Gay Pie.

  21. well, you sure seem like a teenager, with your 8th grade remarks and retarded jokes…yeah, I got upset for being trolled, is what most of you idiots are doing here, and not just to me. I was under the impression that this place is better and different from other, I was hoping to see some intelligent discussions, since the pic selection is somehow clever, I thought that by being a member, you agree to respect other’s opinions and use some arguments for making a point.
    …maybe I was wrong, ‘cuz I’m sure it’s a waste of time, but as long as you do or say something, you should expect some controversy, deal with it or just prove me I’m wrong…which would be fucking impossible now.

  22. Chog and mindfucking:)). he must be the next christopher nolan or some shit like that. it’s really great to see people feeling free to puff thmeslves up however they please because no one knows them for the real assmaggots they are.

  23. I’d love to see “internet tough guys” call Jon Jones, or any other fighter, gay to their face… =0)

  24. @ SpaceBuddha: i never went so far as to say the fighters are gay, altho’ there is a certain degree of faggotry involved, almost like the south park biker type – “oh, look at me, I got muscle and no brain, I kick your ass, I am the strongest, biggest, angriest of them all!!”
    but that’s just how I see it, that’s why I, personally, am not a fan of the whole fighting tournaments and what nots.

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