1. Didn’t think so either…taking into account the color of his eyebrows, his skin tone and facial hair.
    Still, that color is to die for!
    Ginger kids/people FTW!! :))

  2. @evil_goblin

    Neah, ginger kids/people are cute, but not THAT cute.
    I prefer dark haired guys with (really) dark eyes. And if they’re Asians…wowie!!..

  3. @ evil_goblin

    And damn proud of it, baby! :)))
    It might grow into a fetish at some point…not that it would be a bad thing…
    All people have some strong attraction to certain characteristics …. I think.
    Don’t you?! :)

  4. Seems like someday we, caucasians, won’t be loved by our females, because they’ll love, or more to say : WORSHIP those asian singers/actors/fags/pussies. [this should be a “Soon” meme]

  5. I liked anime before it was cool. Before this “asianese disease” came. :l

    I know this girl who listened to hard rock and metal. We got along pretty well.

    THEN SUDDENLY these asianese fags appeared in her life (as in bands, singers, shows, actors and why not posers?). That was almost two years ago. Now we barely talk.


  6. yeah i kinda know what you talk about. we do have PIE nonetheless:-> but, did you show her your dick and compare it to the yellow people’s dings?

  7. @DaftHour

    You’re killing me. Really!! =)))
    Who’s the jelly now? :P

    Anywho…I admit that when I was in highschool I was infatuated with Asians like you two are describing here … but now it’s different..the infatuation is on a different level, I mean. :)))
    And don’t get me started on the ‘big shlong’ issue. I’ve said it way too many times that it’s not all about size to make a woman happy/satisfied in bed.

  8. “it’s not all about size to make a woman happy/satisfied in bed.”

    Seriously, asian people barely have an erection. Like, when they have the “erection” it’s almost the same as the flacid state.

    Yeah, asian porn. Who didnt watch it? lol.

    And @Daft, unfortunately, no. It was… too late. :(

  9. yeah sure. get a vibrator of some sort, at the age of 20 or more fucking is overrated anyway… talkin is very very important. how would you have it? a 7-8 incher who’s attractive and you actually have something to talk to about or a 2 incher who barely speaks all day long but he looks soooo cute! you do math and find out who makes you giggle like a schoolgirl at the end of the night;)

  10. @DaftHour
    You talk way too much about manliness and women’s inability to appreciate the right traits in a male. It’s not polite to bore people with your issues, man.
    You have a small dick and a shitty personality, that’s why women will constantly reject you and those that will not are exactly the stupid girls you always bitch about. Irony, huh? You also want to have sex with your mother.

    But I, too, would like to share my feelings with the group and open my heart to everyone here.
    Coincidentally, I’ve been listening a lot of Megadeth lately. This is the soundtrack to the good old days, to better days… which would suggest nostalgia. Nostalgia would imply a mild unhappiness of the status quo. Although my natural arrogance, egocentrism, and slight narcissism prevent me from having a low self esteem, something’s definitely not right. Maybe it’s just a passing mood…

    Anyone else wants to share or help us out with our frustrations?

  11. @ DaftHour

    Hmm. I’m gonna tell you this since you don’t know me :)

    Firstly, I don’t get into contradictions like this one just for the sake of getting into a contradiction (nor am I an attention-wh*re). If you see me THIS keen on stating/trying to prove a certain thing it means that my statement is based on some solid proof/experience.
    Secondly, are you Asian? SKiT, are YOU Asian? If not, then please, don’t just write statements here based on your porn knowledge. Generally speaking, statements based on movies (including porn), TV shows/news etc. should not be taken into account. At least that’s what I believe.
    Thirdly, who said anything about “cute”?! WHY would I want a cute guy as a partner?! As far as I’m concerned, in a relationship only one party should be cute. And that’s me (or girls, in general). For me, a guy who’s cute or handsome is just like some ‘added value’ brought into the relationship. There are other traits that are far more important than being “cute”/handsome.

  12. @ Negative0

    Maybe it’s because of the spring (if you’ve ever been affected by the winter-spring transition).
    Since we’re doing this, I’d like to share something too: over the last two months I’ve been daydreaming about getting fired from my job and starting all over again. More and more often these days… I’m thinking this might be ’cause I’m less and less happy with what I’m doing.

  13. what?!? don’t tell me you’re on the night shift..
    starting all over again is my secret fantasy too. in a different hemisphere, preferably.

  14. @Neg0: What you said. Minus the Megadeth part (I’m more in an Iron Maiden mood FTM). Plus procrastination. And I know where my nostalgia/crappy mood comes from.

  15. @Neg : Megadeth’s been my favorite band for almost one year now. I like ’em very much. Although I’ve got this little “battle” of favorite bands between Megadeth and Maiden.

    Also, meh sells, but who’s buying?

  16. god fucking damn why does every shit has to get so damn serious with everyone of you? and hell no neg0, i’m not into my mother or suffer from a small dick and stuff. that’s just you being an asshole man! that mood of yours seems just like a passing thing don’t worry, one day there’ll be a chick or an event of some sort that’s just gonna tip you off and clear that shit out. it always happens like that to me. from what i know with some given time and an ounce of luck every stupid shit in my life has passed so far, and i’ve had a pretty bad fortune to this day, but it’s okay, this is how we learn to appreciate the good moments in life. and don’t try to make me sad or take me down with that stupid shit you say man, i’ve been through so much already, getting me down is almost impossible:)

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