1. I think it’s sexist, not racist.
    I actually agree with the message this photo has given us…
    Women are fucking shitty drivers…

  2. U pplz mad. They’re all parked correctly. Except for the red, black, white and blue ones.
    Rofl, the whole meh.ro is transforming into a PIE cult. :)) And for the record : It’s PIE, not pie.

  3. would you 12-years kids stop with this ‘pie’ shit already? not only it’s not funny, it also makes you look like a bunch of idiots who’ve just discovered the internet

    have a good one, i’m looking forward to ignoring your comments

  4. @panzer
    you don’t understand, it’s not a pie shit, it’s a pie cult, and in case you didn’t notice, the whole meh.ro it’s transforming into it ;)
    and a cult needs followers. as long as they enjoy themselves…

  5. That pie looks so american. I`m addicted to it. You drove me into this guys…I don`t know wheter i should thank you or curse you.

  6. See, this is the reason why I’m sort of scared to get my driving license: women drivers. I don’t want to become like this :( …

  7. lovenista, don’t be scared. be all you can be!
    and btw, you are like that. you just need to express yourself. fast! asia is more about bicycles so… time’s a wastin…. go crash into something!

  8. im sorry, i didn’t mean that… i don’t know what came over me. i bet you would make a great driver! women are great!

  9. @ my friend, THE goblin (not just ANY goblin :P)

    wait, wait, waaaait for it………….aaaaaaaah! (*mind orgasm*)

    now that’s better. sorry for the wait, this is what happens to me when men acknowledge the greatness of women :))) (even if they want to make it seem like they did it ironically :P)

    so… I can’t ride a bike. seems more dangerous to me than a car :))… and more difficult to handle.
    anywho…. challenge accepted. when I’ll get the driving license I’ll take you for a ride to show off my skillz :))

  10. lovenista , do you want some piece of advice from a real women admirer? you do what you want! i love women, i really love ’em. with they giggles and messin things up so they look all lovely at the end of the day. you’re really great.

  11. @DaftHour

    not sure how to take your advice…as a joke or real advice. (taking into account the amount of “go back to the kitchen, woman, and make me a sammich” comments I’ve seen around here…).

    nevertheless, I do believe that (some) men belittle the importance of “making a sammich” when it comes to women (their girlfriends/wifes/etc.).
    short scenario: coming back home from work at the end of the day and having your girlfriend/wife make you a sandwich (or anything else to eat) while giving you a warm smile = a blissful moment that’s usually overlooked. (this can also go viceversa).

  12. yeah i know i am a general asshole, but i’m only an asshole with the people i choose, not everyone. and i do love women! not all of you, but the few that got to my black raisin soul so far are priceless to me… and most of all i know how to appreciate a good woman, as one of them once told me-“never underestimate the power of a good woman”.

  13. man, this is embarrassing. she’s not going to sleep with you!
    (whispering) she likes asian men with squinty eyes.

  14. about that offer… first you get that driving license. you’ll hardly find the time to study in between those blissful moments and warm smiles…

  15. @ THE goblin

    ~ a warm smile doesn’t take up much of my time. and it doesn’t cost anything to offer it to someone. anywho, see you in july/august (this will be my birthday present to ME :P…don’t forget to get me one too… a tire or some smelly car-pine :)) )
    p.s.: asians do rock my socks, but you didn’t have to tell it to the world, dude!! mrrr…

    @ DaftHour

    hmm… I didn’t say you were an asshole (I didn’t think it either). as long as you don’t cross a certain line and start insulting… I don’t see a reason to go all psycho…everyone’s got their own thoughts/opinions on everything and anything…why not share it with others? “sharing is caring” :) …
    and about that black raisin soul of yours…as long as there is a soul to begin with.. (be it black and tiny)..there’s a chance for a good/great woman to change it.

    gotta go to work now….there goes my beautiful sunday…. dreat and double dreat..

  16. aw come on man, those little yellow bastards are embarassing the human species with their average sizes of their little tiny pokies. i mean 10-12 cm? i got that at the age of eleven… and i once met one of those squirty eyed fella and they are surprinsigly cold and very dim sighted. eh, once you give them a glass of whiskey you just ca’t get rid of him but… they’re not that cool after all.

  17. good to know i’m not the only poor soul working on sunday morning.
    how about a smelly tire?

  18. @DaftHour

    ohhhh, the asian eyes (and their features in general) = pure <3


    it's a deal. as long as it smells like brand new :P

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