1. The good side of owning a Lada is that you don’t fear the mud and the scraches…

  2. it is not a Lada but Skoda 120L. It is even worse than a Lada, trust me:) Altough it has rear engine almost like the Lambo has:)

  3. No, it isn’t. It isn’t bad I mean. And I don’t think it’s a 120L either. The 120L was an awesome car…

  4. I am afraid I am not:) I got this nickname because of my hair. They say it is almost like the figure has in the game called like “The goblins”:)

    Anyway, Im not sure it is a 120L it could be a 130:)

  5. Yeah and it is probably not so bad car. We use to have a Dacia 1310. That is definitely not a car…:)
    I had also a Trabant 601 (my first car) and it was awasome!:) 2 cylinder, 0 valve, 26 whp:D

  6. quit fuckin around and tell aidrika to get her silverware out. i’m coming for dinner!

  7. 120kph? Wow. I think the lambo can do that too. In 2nd gear. Then you hit 140 and you have to change to 3rd.

  8. well i heard that the blond in the blue .. well … car.. was asking the dude in the lambo how to switch in the second gear..
    (just try imagining that ^^)

  9. Anyone considered the possibility that either:
    a) this photo was taken in a country where they drive on the left, and the lambo was overtaking?
    b) The photo has simply been flipped left to right?

  10. @ency: i think the photo is not a trick because the Lada/Skoda is tilting suggesting it just made a left as in to overtake the Lambo

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