1. Gay is cool as long as you’re actually gay.
    If you’re not, yet you look+act like one…..that’s just…weird. :))

  2. @lovenista
    so this is the correct way to treat a gaysh individual “you better be butt fucking, dude, and not just another cheap copy”
    one of my co-workers is a presumed gay, but trust me, he’s not cool at all. he’s actually more bitchy than all the female co-workers combined.

  3. Because it’s unethical to turn against each other, unless it’s in the name of God.
    Someone needs to make a reference to the Bible for this to be legit.

  4. X-Nay on the Gay. No judgement here. I don’t get paid enough.

    @Neg0: You Rock my Rainbow coloured Socks. ;D

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