1. “i have a phd and all i can do is front desk at microsoft or drive a limo in vancouver. fuuuuuu…!! capitalism sucks. i was better off in india. at least there i can sit around in my red shorts while front desk-ing for microsoft. fuck you bill gates! fuck you rockefellar! fuck you world!!! going home!”

  2. I get this type of treatment from RDS, a romanian internet service provider. Gipsies stole the router off the street and the RDS CS rep bitch was asking me to unplug and plug the cable back even after I told her there’s no router to connect anymore. Way to treat your customers.

  3. yeah, but think about the poor gipsy children waiting at home for papa to bring them a loaf of bread….
    fuck it, you’re right, they were better off in india too

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