1. Anarchy, why don’t you scoot to the kitchen real quick, I think Oana needs a hand with all those sammiches.

  2. Oana, that’s a childish attempt to lash at some guys’ manhood. Would you rather that we said “yeah, bitch, takes your clothes off, doogy style, gangbang time”? The kitchen/sammich thing is a meme, might wanna look into that. Us poking fun at you is just that: FUN. I’m sorry we didn’t live up to your standards of lonely sex deprived geeks who would drool any time they meet a girl on the internet. And cut the crap with the fat thing, you bitches would fuck anything if his bank account has enough zeros. :)

  3. @Oana let me tell you a cool story…
    a fuck on a kitchen counter is better than a fuck in a simple bed…
    so we can fuck while you make sammiches…
    i need salad!

  4. @ Lup the Dude
    I find the sammich joke offensive to women. Sure, it was funny at first but stop using it that much. If a girl simply adds a comment on a picture (like I did) you don’t have to make her feel like shit, like she doesn’t deserve to join a conversation cuz even though I’m a girl, I can still appreciate a woman’s beauty (or ass in this case :))). So, sorry if I insulted you guys (I was joking too xD). I hope that you will take it easy with the kitchen jokes on the next girl who comments on a hot chick wallpaper.
    And yes, I make awesome sammichez but only my boyfriend can taste them. Cheers!

  5. Oana, Anarchy made a sammich joke at you and she’s a girl. So why wasn’t she offended by it? Why isn’t she offended by all the sexist shit around here? I guess because she has a sense of humor. But it’s alright, this website is not for everyone, if you can’t take a politically incorrect joke maybe you shouldn’t hand around here.

    … and about your sammichez and boyfriend… who gives a fuck about your private life anyway?

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