1. Marijuana exists, zombies don’t. I’m fucking sick and tired with the zombies crap. WTF?? Are you guys like 12?

  2. Stupid retarded animals. Who gives a fuck about niggers in Romania? For us, niggers are just a meme, something we laugh our asses off, and that’s it. I live in the same house-villa with a nigger, and I don’t feel the need to carry a minigun. Grow the fuck up, you retarded zombie freaks.

  3. And if you smoke enough, you’ll act like a zombie. So it’s just better not having a mini-gun around at all.

  4. all this talk about weed and zombies makes me wanna sit down with a token and play some left 4 dead 2…. who’s with me?

  5. one day the niggas will take over
    until then you better get your hands on one of those or you will be one of them…

  6. Ok guyz, ok, chillax… This is about weed and zombies.
    Weed is real, zombies are real. And I’d choose that bitch-ass goddamn motherfuckin’ minigun over weed any day.
    I’d rather have my brains than lose them…

  7. oh man, I’ve been visiting meh for a while now and sometimes the comments are far better than the pictures but sometimes people just exagerate… oh but we do have niggaz in Romania, they’re just a different kind of nigga …. and I’m not racist, for the record

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