1. I know you guys don’t care, so just ignore this. Chog, WTF are you doing?

    Anyway, Bader tried to take down ma boy Jones, in order to avoid getting his – HOLY SHIT JONES IS GONNA FIGHT SHOGUN FOR THE TITLE!

  2. ….well it was about fucking time he got a title shot. Can’t wait to see him make his way through that faggot Rua. And he’s gonna do it a lot more spectacular than Rashad would’ve done.

    I was saying, Bader tried to take down the next light-heavyweight undisputed champion of the world for years to come Jon Jones in order to avoid getting his ass kicked in an phenomenal manner, as Jones would’ve obviously done in stand-up. But Jones made Bader his bitch on the ground, too. This is even more humiliating, since Bader proclaimed himself an incredibly badass stand-up.

    I have said it when Jon Jones made his debut in the UFC: This guy is gonna be, in the near future, a lot better than Anderson Silva ever was. This is the new generation, this is the breed of true MMA fighters.

    Rich is walkin’ in. BRB, epicness.

  3. Well this fight is weird… and Forrest is completely dominating just because he’s a huge freakin’ guy! Where’s Franklin goin’ ? FUCKIN’ NOWHERE! Ahahahah, I love Boondock Saints! I also haven’t talked to myself in a long time.

  4. Titans are about to clash. After seeing the weigh-ins, I have doubts about Silva. Will it all crash down, will he break his crown, will the castle crumble?…

  5. This was a nice UFC.
    I’ve also enjoyed this conversation. It kinda felt like social masturbation. Quite pleasant. I now understand why people renounce real life and dedicate themselves to blogging.

  6. @Neg0 , WTF dude !?

    oh and “*Dropkick Murphy’s – I’m Shipping up to Boston* FUCK YEAH!” FUCK YEAH INDEED!

  7. Ok, time has come for me to comment…
    So, without further ado (ado sucks):

    Torres vs. Banuelos: boring fight (my money was on Torres, he won, whatever).

    Ellenberger vs. Rocha: WTF? Blind refs? Great ground game by Rocha. Decision went to Ellenberger. I am disappoint.

    Bader vs. Jones: Fuck-fuck-fuckiddy-fuck fuck. Submission of the Night never that unexciting. Maybe because I really wanted Bader to win. That little overconfident bitch Jones will surely get his ass kicked by Shogun. No fuckin’ doubt about it…

    Griffin vs. Franklin: Not a bad fight, considering both came after injuries. Griffin won, which seems fair enough, but I was expecting a good ground and pound.

    Silva vs. Belfort: I yawned for 3 minutes then I was like WTF? WTF just happened? Front kick to the chin… un-fuckin’-believable! Superb finish…

    Now let 128 come, so that Shogun can kick Jones’ ass… BIG TIME!

    Oh yeah, thx for the poster Neg0…

  8. Nigga, why ya dissin ma boy?
    Faggot Shogun hasn’t done shit in the UFC, while Jones is the best of it.

  9. Roleplaying with yourself is also called fapping. Look at all those comments, Neg came at least 3 times.

  10. I resent not being thought of as a fat basement dweller geek which owns a nerdy website! How dare you impose that I might posses an enviable physique!
    Did some judo as a kid. And a bit of karate. But I intend to start again somewhere in the near future. Why?

  11. @pranksteer: I do have some contact martial arts background. And I hope to get back to some training or some more regular sparring (sounds better to me). So yeah, I’m more of a stand-up fight fan than BJJ/ground game. But as Neg0 said… Why?

    @Neg0: Yep, I’m dissin’ da skinny-ass overconfident bitch… I happen to liek Rashad moar… And I am still a huge fan of Couture and Liddell, but that’s another story…
    I wouldn’t say Rua ain’t done shit in the UFC, honestly. He’s not ALL UFC, but again, that’s another story… He’s a complete fighter imho.
    But now I have one more reason to wait for 128.

  12. Meh… just hopes… not that high…
    Actually, in a way I’m looking forward to Cro Cop wiping the octagon with Schaub more than the main event…

  13. :)) lol
    Well… Being such a lazy-ass… I presume that I won’t… Honestly.
    But I’m always up for sum nice yummy sparring…

  14. @Chog and Negative0 Just making conversation, and i observed that you guys were very informed with the fighters and the MMA sport. You guys should start to train martial arts again cause it’s very clear that you want that :D can’t wait for the shogun vs jones fight. And i’m really looking forward for UFC 129, GSP defending his title, Cotoure vs Machida. Big names. Cheers mates!

  15. @pranksteer
    Tell this nigga how that skank ass bitch Shogun is gonna get raped by ma boy Jones. Rua is an embarrassment to the light heavyweight title.

    The Pride days are over. The UFC is for the big boys and he ain’t one of them. Just check out his history: He got raped by Forrest at his debut. Then he struggled 3 rounds with Grampa Coleman, who was dying of old age, and that was the most pathetic shit I’ve ever seen (a guy who can’t take out an elderly man is the champion?). Then he got really lucky (yes, pure luck) with Chuck. He didn’t do shit against Machida the first time (and the bitch was asking for the title as charity anyway).
    And, for some reason he incidentally, exploited a technical vulnerability of Machida’s style, even though it didn’t fucking seem to occur to anyone else that in the karate stance (which is the most efficient of them all – as beautifully illustrated by Lyoto, ‘cuz it keeps all the body out of range and the guard makes is easy to block everything) there’s one big fucking problem: the front leg is completely vulnerable and there’s nothing much that can be done about it. It takes only a few karate courses the figure that out, but none of his opponents seem to take any interest in the fact that they’re fighting against karate and should check out how it works. I was expecting Forrest to do it, but Shogun just got lucky. And I’m sure Rua still doesn’t know why he was able to win, ‘cuz I don’t see that cum bucket understanding the fine art of karate; he probably thinks he was the superior fighter.
    If Jones wins, you’re paying the site’s bills for a whole year.

  16. @Neg0: I literally LMFAO’d. Now it’s your fault that I have to walk around ass-less.
    Dunno if I’m willing to pay meh.ro’s bills for a year, but I’d definitely hit ya with at least a beer.
    Now to the point: Indeed, Rua’s days are truly gone and JJ is young, huge and growing. Not saying he’s a weak fighter, but he has a HUGE mouth and I hate that BJ Penn attitude and overconfidence.
    [Again, not gonna talk ’bout Lyoto, a fighter I do not like and hope he’s gonna get his ass kicked by superstar wonder-fighter OMGISITREALLYHIM Randy ‘Gramps’ Couture in 129]
    So yeah… Rua got raped by Forrest , but also has a sweet KO of the night against Liddell. Lucky punch? Maybe… We’ll just hafta see…

  17. @Neg0 Hey actually Rua studyied Machida’s style a lot. Rua before de 2nd fight with Machida trained with a multiple Shotokan Karate champion that emulated Machida’s style. Rua did his homework before geting the belt :)) and that fight was going alright for machida i just don’t know tfuck happend, he was fucking unlucky to fall from that lucky punch exactly underneath Shogun so he could mount him and pound him. Hopefully Lyodo will get back in the game by wining over Couture. I like both fighters, they’re one of the few gentlemen of the sport along with GSP, Silva, Belfort, etc.

  18. i think this is the most commented picture from this site hahah, it’s a fucking UFC forum here :))

  19. HAH! =)) … not eaven close prankster my boy , not eaven close :D (tho you might be right from the “details” & less trolling point of view)

  20. i only just started to watch some UFC fights (old ones , mostly the UFC Ultimate Knockout series) and i think it’s an awsome sport , verry intense & the way they hit the floor knocked out cold is funny as hell , but i noticed allot of fighters in UFC never heard of martial arts block techniques , just some irmprovised boxing shielding your face guard and stuff , none of the real martial art “attack the attack” blocking(getting in position to strike using that block) and quicly counter after …
    or when striking most of them tend to drop their guard verry easy thus becoming vulnerable to counter attacks … dunno maby you can enlighten me if there are any fighters using such techniques(@ good defence and counters) and i would gladly view their fights to see if i’m right about this

  21. Yo Gowron, you try using ‘attack the attack’ or whatever in a match… see if ya have the time. It’s not like watching Seagal, bro… Depending on your skill and conditioning you barely have the time to think in the ring. And that’s why I like fighters w/ good ground game. That’s all about tactics.
    Surviving in the ring, that I can do, even me, no problem. Maybe not for long anymore, but I still think I can. Ground game? I’m dead.
    Techniques? IMHO they must become like a second nature and all you would hafta do in the ring (or the octagon in this case) is REACT.
    And honestly bro… “he way they hit the floor knocked out cold is funny as hell”?

  22. Fedor always sucked.
    So it seems there’s gonna be a fight between Anderson Silva and GSP. Can’t wait to see GSP getting raped.

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