1. @Neg0: Fuck x 2. Infinite loop: see loop, infinite.

    I kinda see myself there…
    – Here, child, your Christmas present: a lolcat.
    – That’s a cat, Dad (or Uncle or whatever)…
    – Not if you don’t feed it for a while… And then give it let’s say… a cheeseburger? Once a month?

  2. What, lolcats? And trollfaces?
    – Dad, I’m hungry!
    – Problem? (trollface)
    The way this society’s going I think I’m living for half of life of facepalms…

  3. @Chog – I think that kind of world is better than the current one.

    -Dad, I’m hungry!
    -What do I care? Go ask your mom.

    And yea I stopped giving a fuck a while ago, Neg0.

  4. -Look at that one! What kind of fish is that, dad?
    *Slap! Double Slap! (on face)
    -Fuck you and your nerdy questions! Take this six pack of beer, go up stairs to your room and play “Halo 3”
    (perfect world)

    “Oderint Dum Metuant”

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