1. I love the times when the woman actually shares his thoughts/opinion. Now THAT’s true love (hot and naughty) :))))

  2. @Panzerfaust.

    Romance is good. Love is great.
    I just think that physical chemistry/attraction is also very important …and if the guy (in my case) has a nice behind/abs/etc……..well, that’s just great!~

  3. @evil_goblin

    awwww, friend!! missed your counter-comments!! :))

    Bear belly? no.
    Beer belly? only if it’s not big enough that he can’t see his……toes. :P

  4. *only if it’s so BIG that he can’t see his….toes

    [lame excuse for hitting the submit button before checking the comment]

  5. haha, touche!~

    Baloo is funny AND great. I remember that part where he’s scratching his back onto a tree…or where he’s singing “Bear necessities”…

    But I dunno……sleeping next to Baloo is not my thing :))

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