1. Hahahahahah !! True!
    I’ve been there and fell in love with the country….
    And no, I didn’t eat any dog meat. I think.
    I hope so…

  2. ^- Stationed in SK right now…. Only 8 more months left in this hell hole. The country’s awesome, but the military restrictions, and policies here make it suck.

  3. LOL, It’s a great country, unless your military…. They keep telling me to “go out enjoy the country”, while I’m working 50-80 hour work weeks, and rarely have a weekend…. truth be told, I just don’t have time to enjoy it…

  4. @Jukari

    Yea, I heard it’s tough for the military men. I know a Korean guy that’s been in the military in SK for 5 years now..and he still has 1 more left (went to some military college and now he’s doing his mandatory 2 years of military service). Can you imagine how bad he wants it to be over?!? :))

    Anywho…I do hope you’ll be able to enjoy at least some of its beauty before you leave SK. Where are you from, btw?

  5. @lovenista:

    It’s tough but whatever… just waiting till it’s over so I can get to England.

    Well thank you, I’m sure after April things will calm down and Ill have a chance to travel. I did get to go to the Seoul Tower with my girlfriend, and visit the Changdeokgun Palace which was really cool. But haven’t had a chance to do much else.

    I’m from Colorado state in the US. Where are you from?

  6. bwahahaha now I’m so fucking proud that I am a Korean!

    and I glad to see meh.ro gets back as well.

  7. @ Jukari:

    I’m from Romania. You should visit Gyeongbok(gung) Palace. It’s the biggest and the nicest… and apparently, if you visit it you don’t need to visit the other two: Changdeok and Deoksu…but I only found this out after I already visited these two palaces :)). Inside Gyeongbok courtyard there’s also Korea National Folk Museum (good for souvenirs ^^).

    Anywho…some other cool places…Seoul Museum of History (quite interesting and interactive) and if you’re into amusement parks then you need to go to Lotte World. It’s insane, I swear… a whole day of riding cool and heart-racing things….not to mention that it’s dirt-cheap, in my opinion. 35 USD for a whole day! …

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