1. @Myth :))

    I’m not defending women, I’m just saying people have their own reasons for breaking off a relationship. Even if it’s a cruel thing to do, it’s still better than staying in a relationship only for the sake of the other person. Sooner or later the relationship will fall appart. Better sooner than later. (my two cents on this issue).

  2. -.- Point is people always have reasons for doing what they do, that’s not to be discussed or highlighted. The reasons are arguable, and judging by the way the author is depicting it, she’s a cock-sucking whore holding a razor-blade.

  3. When relationships end, the one who is still in love (if it’s the case) is most probably going to put the blame on the other party and not think for the moment about what he/she did wrong during that relationship.

    But anywho. Let’s just curse and burn the damn biatch!~

  4. @lovenista
    what’s with this rush and burning her directly? we have to do things properly in steps just how they’re written in book… u forgot to mention that her eyes must be take off with a rusty ancient knife, her fingers also must be cut off and put the witch… i mean bitch, drink her own blood, then we tie her to a pole and watch her die in fire… but anyhow i liked the idea

  5. @azra: it’s possible that he’s actually a she… a bald she with not tits and hair on her chest. makes sense why she cut herself.

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