1. I see what you’re tryin’ to do here… My keyboard doesn’t have the F13 key. I replaced it w/ a second F14, ‘cuz I’m superstitious.

  2. There is another Vlad on meh.ro, I don’t remember having posted the “FFFFUUU” comment earlier… Actually, I was sleeping at that time. Oo

  3. Actually, I wasn’t sleeping, now I remember posting that comment. I fap too much, and I sometimes have black-outs. Sorry for spamming. Oo

  4. Fuck off, you motherfucking piece of shit. What the fuck is your point, why start insulting me for nothing? I was just confused, I didn’t know there can be two identical usernames on a site. And you start talking shit. You deserve to be cut open all over your body and then have salt put on your open wounds, you useless bacterium. I am more than disgusted to see people like you. And I don’t give a fuck I’m feeding the troll, I just can’t take anymore hate for people like you. Now get the fuck out, I wish a slow and fucking painful death, that’d definitely be the only useful thing you could do for humanity.

  5. Yes, problem, as you can fucking see! Are you retarded? Need extra-justification? If so, go the hell an asylum, they might help you. As for fapping, just because we share the same name, it doesn’t mean we share the same hobbies as well.

  6. Oh my god!!! I slept again from 8,50 pm till now, and I can’t believe what horrible things I said regarding my person. Really guys, I can’t control this. My parents told me I should stop masturbating, because I started to have blur vision, but now, I have these black-outs where I become this horrible, violent, and angry person. AND STOP LAUGHING ABOUT IT, IT’S NOT FUNNY!!!

  7. Heh, I guess you people see the difference between the two of us… Seriously now. Si sa imi bag si pula in toata ma-ta, ca sa ti-o zic pe aia dreapta. (Sorry, Neg0, this shit makes me boil inside)

  8. And by the way, your life is funny as fuck. Blur vision from excessive masturbation is definitely a sign you should commit suicide, that would help you out of the problem. All you did so far was talk about your own person, I don’t find myself in any of your stories. People have already seen the difference between the two of us. I’ve been here for longer than you, since the very beginning of meh.ro. Gotta love how you’re talking shit about your own person, at least you’re honest, that’s a quality not many have nowadays. This doesn’t mean I hate you any less though. I still strongly recommend that you commit suicide. If this doesn’t sound good for you, there is another thing I suggested earlier: the slow painful death. See? I’m good to you, leaving you choices. Also, you should take your hand off your dick and type with both your hands, at least this would be a short break from your intensive masturbation lifestyle.

  9. U mad? And btw, “sa-mi bag pula-n toata ma-ta”? Atat esti in stare sa-mi spui? Sa injuri ca ultimul tigan din Franta deportat inapoi in Giurgiu? Sincer, esti cam recalcitrant, pe langa faptul ca tot ce-ai spus tu acolo s-a concretizat in .text si atat. Si-asa o sa ramana, pentru ca atat esti in stare. Sa injuri. :) It was just a joke, I’m sorry if you took it that personal, but ffs Rambo, chill out.

  10. I’m done with this idiot. He can go with his boys from his block apartment building and brag about being the oldest users on this website. Cheerios dudes!

  11. Oh, come on… Don’t be ridiculous now, saying it was just a joke… What were you expecting me to reply, “Whoa, that is so funny”?. I’m sure it was meant to be an insult. I mean, who would laugh at such joke, if it is even supposed to be a joke? As for all the swearing, I’m getting sick when pointless and mindless things such as this one occur. The situation was very simple: I was confused about the identical names. You could have said something nicer than that stereotypical trolling. The thing that freaked me out was you insisting on an absolutely idiotic idea, knowing it would freak anyone out, not just me. I just don’t get it, why would you do it?, it’s stupid and disgusting, that’s why it makes me react like that.

  12. ur both romanian , u both know what romanians really are… humans ..humans are evil .. romanian humans :) u get the point why even u use words to express such nonsence ..heck why am i even writing this/? =)))

  13. Actually, no, I’m talking about masturbation, not your comeback. Your comeback was awesome, and even my mom said I should worship you. Now she’s in the shower, fingering herself while reading your comebacks. Oo

  14. See? This is what I’m talking about… I thought you were more intelligent since you apologized. But heh, I’ve just learnt that having high expectations from apes is a huge mistake.

  15. Look, prove yourself smart (if I’m not asking for too much), and tell me where do you wanna get with all this? What’s your point? Trying to look funny, annoy me? None of these seem to work anymore, get over it before you look more like an idiot than you did so far.

  16. This is the funniest thing I have read in …. fuck it’s sooo funny!!! The pic si funny and it got me good but wen I read this I freaking snapped!!!!!!!! I registered just to post and say how funny I find it to be. A print of this should be posted on meh!!!!! It’s the most “meh” thing I ever read and Vlad you should have understood the joke. It’s FUNNY within funny!!!!!!!!!

  17. I actually thought about making this a print, not necessarily to post it on meh, just to keep it for myself. Is that too narcissistic? Maybe, but fuck it, it was too funny to mess with Mrs. Vlad. The Gentlemen!

  18. at first i was pressing f12 thinking it”s f13, like “wtf is going on? why isn’t it working??” then saw that no f13 existed…damn it’s real – you can’t always be intelligent…

    and cut the crap with the vlads…

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