1. A hater that often gives 1/5 ratings to most of the content. I always wanted to open a discussion on a Consumer Behavior related matter and try to understand why do people keep coming back to a place they dislike / don’t understand.

    Related: I don’t really like GSP, but the poster is cool.

    Somewhat related: UFC 126 is coming soon, I’m hyped as fuck. This is gonna be the best, or second best, UFC ever. FUCK. I need to hear someone else saying how much this is gonna rule. Do it Chog, tell me it’s gonna be epic. Talk to me about blood sports baby… yeah… you know you want to.

  2. Fuck… don’t fuckin’ do this to me man…
    (On a side note, I happen to like GSP).

    My money’s on Silva. Unified belt? Hell yeah!
    And can’t wait to see Griffin fight again and kick Franklin’s ass. Still sorry he took Lidell out…

    I don’t like telling people what they like to hear… But fuck yeah, it’s gonna be EPIC! I wanna see blood. At least to that 121 level… And have the same orgasm I had then, even if my money was all on Lesnar…

  3. Well, Forrest is my favorite guy in the scene, Jon Jones is my favorite fighter, Silva is the best in the world, Rich is a really cool guy, and Belfort is by far the most brutal striker in the game. 5 of my favorite guys in 3 matches. It’s… beautiful… ಥ_ಥ
    If Belfort starts doing his thing and catches Silva in his way, he’ll tear his shit apart. Other than that, Silva is most likely to win, and he should, ‘cuz Belfort isn’t really champ material.
    Although I favor Forrest, I’d have to say 50-50 chance. They’re both the same kind of fighters, Griffin has a bit more strength and damage, Franklin a bit more speed and technique. I say it’s all about who gets his opportunity first.
    Jon Jones… it’s just a matter of how spectacular he’s gonna be. Is he gonna impressively knock Bader the fuck out, or is he gonna perform some out of this world brutality / fatality / 80x combo / 500% critical hit / ion cannon strike shit? We’ll see.
    This is gonna be epic.

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