1. Tomlin, you’re the only fag here, show some respect both these dudes could kick the shit out of you.

  2. @siky: I have a sense of humor, but talking shit about a man who obviously dedicated his life and served whatever country he’s from proudly is not something I’m willing to tolerate. Especially from a kid who probably hasn’t even moved out of his parents basement. The picture itself is hilarious, his comments are disrespectful and stupid.

  3. @Jukari
    I’d have to agree with you…
    But the terms “oldfag/newfag” are assigned to the members of a certain online community and Tomlin was making a reference to that community (because he’s a newfag), just like the image’s text is making a reference to the gaming community through the term “noob”. He wasn’t actually calling him a homosexual elderly man.

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