1. Let’s see.
    1.First chick:
    First eq is for the the commutator of posiyion and momentum operator in quantum mechanics.
    Second equation is schrodinger’s eq.
    Don’t really know what the graph is. might be something to do with the standard model.
    Last bit looks like some group theory maths.

    2. Second chick:
    First line is newton 2
    There’s some tensors and some maths in the rest and I see no conections between them.
    4th line is close to the difusion equasion without the power of two in RHS. In this form it says nth to me
    last line is the unnormalised distribution for indistinguishable particles.

    3.Third chick:
    this is really easy. the 4 Maxwell equations for electromagnetism

    4.Forth chick:
    there’s some maths i dont really see or get. but the forst thing looks like the Jacobian. It doesnt look very exciting anyway

    oh, I should mention I’m a physics chick also so i had to do that

  2. chocolaechip you don’t belong here. we’re internet trolls, we’d hit the third chick(as in fuck her brains out) don’t giv a shit ’bout no eqwasionz’n’stuff. also, mathematics maybe the truth(i say it is) , but it kills the spirit. let us rejoice in fapping and “tapping” those skinny four-eyed chicks.

  3. @chocolatechip
    I love it when you talk gibberish to me.
    I thought I recognized the 4th girl’s equations from econometrics, I’m probably wrong. Either way, it’s good ole’ mathematical analysis.

  4. see?
    let’s hav pie eqwasionz! rubarb,apple,orange,blackberry,strawberry, maybe semen (we will have to get the recipe from that book you know…)

  5. *chocolatechip walks away in shame*
    *the community’s IQ average drops at a single digit, again*
    Feels bad man…

  6. don’t get dramatic now, neg0. it’s the spirit of the people that tips the scale at the end. no one gets to spend time or share company with people he/she fully understands, i never got in my entire life someone to share the same ideas as me.

  7. there there Neg0, don’t worry
    I’ll be around spoiling the pics of hot chicks with nerdy comments
    anything that turns you on

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