1. Damn right fatso! plastic weed is da shit, i ain’t triflin, last time i smoked that shit, i took a shit on my neighbours dawg while watching soft-pr0n, i passed out after dat in my own juices! this dope is tight, you know what i mean? until you pass out for a week, and your homies think you dead because of the low pulse and the semen coming out of your mouth, you ain’t lived your piss ant life! so pass that shit and you better make the shit cop-free

  2. Fucking wannabe wigger kids…… I hate Americas newest generation of morons…. and I’m an American….shameful…

  3. that’s ma home-boy over there, get’em nigga! i hate their bitchy ass too! they be wrecking true culture ya dig!

  4. Not really sure the kid’s American, that ugly carpet looks like something east-Europeans might use. And is he sitting on his back on the floor or is he really that lame that he has a carpet on the wall?

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