1. Well, if you would have done a simple history check it would be easy to figure out that all those muslim niggers in France are immigrants from their former african colonies. It’s not that they like France so much, it’s just much better than the african shit hole they come from.

  2. Because they were colonized by France and french was an official language. You know, like indians also speak english.

  3. Lup is right (I’m French)

    After the Second War and due to our colonization past, we used a lot of working force from north Africa (this area is called “Maghreb”) to rebuild the country, after this they stayed here and mutliplied quickly…

    Nowdays, after a total absence of immigration policy for decades the country is occupied by these rats… It fuckin makes my heart bleed to see this :(

  4. I still like french niggaz better than italian faggots. I wish i were black you know…talking dirty,sayin’ nigga’,shit biotch,shizzle dizzle and stuff…hey wait i can…look at me..SHIT NIGGA’,THOT BIOTCH IZ CRAZY…white shadow out . WORD ( that was the black part of me…still need some practice i guess ).

  5. Animal, that’s american nigger talk. French niggers don’t talk like that. I shared a joint once with a french nigger. He was from Algiers I think. Cool guy.

  6. @Lup didn’t said that’s french nigga’ talk…i just said i wanted to be a nigga’ so i can talk like that ( naturally)…uhm maybe there’s the desire of having a 12 inch dick too but..HEY . And btw,i shared a joint with a syrian from college once,NOT a cool guy.

  7. Yes but he’s an Emir in his country man,he beheaded 4 goats and a female ’till now. But the fact that he whips his ass with sand reduces his coolness.

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