1. I meant there are a lot of pedophiles around here. Man, you’re worse at getting jokes than my 12yo girlfriend.

  2. Sry didn’t see the “A” there(i was faping and i’m not joking). And about your gf,be patient with her man,you don’t wanna risk jail…and don’t worry,you are NOT a pedo !

  3. I’ve told you about not seeing the “A”…without that it was like ” What do you mean pedophile?” = not a joke,just a simple question. Next time read the full comment before getting fired up.

  4. Actually I chose to say that because whatever else I could say would escape you, you would have been unable to comprehend any depth of any comment. I hoped that would be simple enough for you but again the meaning of my comments eludes you.

  5. Yeah you are just too deep for me…but you can’t fucking see the reason why i didn’t understand that comment…anyways pay more attention when reading and i’ll do that too. Have a nice day Mr.Deep Guy ( btw lame excuse ).

  6. Actually,if you read the comments you’re the one that can’t take a joke . Lup the Dude
    02-Jan-2011 9:07 PM
    “Man you’re slow, the girlfriend bit was a joke also.” – was fucking obvious i was kiddin’,but hey ! that’s me,no sense of humour at all. I guess your mom is a lucky lady for having such a fun person like you around the house…The End.

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