1. What a coincidence, that’s my computer’s name also. I named her the day I bought her, in March 2008.

  2. Have one, thnx. I also named my car. I like giving names to inanimate object I treasure, it forms a personal sort of attachment.

  3. It’s also gay. Showing off your UBEROMGBBQ PC rig is also gay. I work as a Lead 3D Artist and you don’t see me sprouting useless crap about my computer.

  4. Look, kid, I didn’t address you in any way, shape or form, I posted a screenshot to prove that my computer is actually named LUNA. It was directed at the person known as Luna here, not you. Nobody asked you what you do for a living or what you think about anything so why don’t you go play with your 3D women or something?

  5. P.S.: I didn’t post the REAL reason I named my computer LUNA because that would really be showing off. Which I don’t do. Period.

  6. He is now known as Hoffman.
    Once a passive-aggressive fapper, Gostros has renounced his foul ways and renewed himself to be a better man, meditating for peace and self-control in a world that could never truly understand him.
    Under a secret identity, he walks once more amongst us.

    I, for one, will not stand in the way of such a noble soul.
    Under sun and sky, I greet you warmly, unknown mysterious stranger!

  7. You’re just mean! He’s an accomplished man. Becoming a marine biologist, living with his girlfriend, i don’t think he has time to jack off.

  8. well, i’m TheMan and it is TheMachine. i order some shit around and it does it without even blinking… it doesn’t blink, it’s a machine. but it’s TheMachine. very performant and capable.

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