1. This intelligent statement was probably made up by a bored guy just to feel better about himself…what about the friends with the booze and drugs? What about the girls with the boobs, ass, an the fucking? Knowing all that can you still tell me that boredom is a state of mind and bla bla bla. Boredom is the lack of cool shit in a man’s life…

  2. Aren’t you too young to drink?! I heard you are like… 16 or something. Alcohol slows down the development of the brain, you know… Does your mum know about this?

  3. Well evil_goblin im 19 as Lup the” Lube” says:))…so yes in my country im allowed to drink at 18. And i don’t live with my parents(like you do) for quite a while…You know i’m studying biology at an “university” called The University Of Bucharest and i live with my girlfriend. I’m quite entertained by your trolls :)) Sad people always make me laugh =)) So bring om the hate, i’m loving it :)))

  4. @Gostros- you don’t live with your parents because you went to college, not because you have the power to take care of yourself. so stop being such a fucking mankid. Biology?? that’s a joke. for fuck-ups like you. god damn independent motherfuckers like these always make me mad, saying he’s a fucking grown-up living with his fucking girfriend , posting shit on people’s websites so he can look all cool and happy with himself. go facefuck that girfriend of yours, before other people start to.

  5. I wasn’t bragging ore making myself look cool or independent DaftHour :)) I was just answering evil_goblin’s questions. Some of you guys have really bad anger management problems(on the internet of course) :)) I would like to see that hate in front of my eyes, so i can tare you’re fucking head off and feed you to my cat :) You’re all so fucking bold and evil with you’re keyboard, hiding behind you’re computer. Cock’s need to be sucked DaftHour, so go ahead and do you’re job!!

  6. i am the legendary facefucked girlfriend of gostros. what can I say?? :)) he is a lover and a true friend

  7. besides Gostros which I love :X by the way: I love you little fuck!!!! kisses!!!..all of you are doing it “like they do it on the discovery channel..” if you know what i mean..it’s raining bananas over your heads :} best weapon of a total fail human: keyboard.. if matrix is real than you all must be some vaginal disease or something..like i had :))

  8. that is just so sad. first things first, you weren’t nearly answering that man’s questions, you were bragging. second, you would what? “tare” my head off? saying i hide behind my keyboard renders you the same thing. and in real life, i’m not that mad… in facct i’m a man of few words when it comes to violence, i hate it, it makes people go back in time a couple of hundred thousand years ago. that is arguing , and just giving you a piece of my mind. i rarely resorted to violence, and it has gotten me into paying for people’s clothes, glasses and broken arms. stop acting so badass, it might hurt you in real life. if you can’t get along with someone, just leave him be.

  9. “if you can’t get along with someone, just leave him be.” you just said that, so you’re contradicting yourself :)) If you cant get along with me ore appreciate my opinions and comment’s why the fuck are you talking to me?

  10. because i hadn’t any problem with you, i had a problem with you being the wise-ass teaching lup how to make it in life and have women and bling shit and booze and stuff ,just like you said i was being a tough motherfucker behind my keyboard, that’s exactly what you were, a debauched motherfucker from behind yours . stop flaming other people like you’ld know shit about “fucking” and “booze”. maybe it wouldn’t hurt if you would try to live up to the name you made for yourself.

  11. This shit is meaningless and is wasting my time. you make no sense and you bore me….type whatever the fuck you want and happy fucking holidays!!

  12. BLAHAHAHA Crypto that dayum chilled out lemur made my day. thank you for reminding me of it. good boy gostros for being the better man here and walking away the first, happy fucking holidays to all of you. thanx again Crypto.

  13. Lup the Lube i have just ONE account and i have no fucking idea who Lord Melkor is =)) You’re wasting my time again man, why wont you just get your head out of your ass and see the light? Fucking cocksucker :))

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