1. You can’t see it because the predaliens have disguised themselves as girls! And you can’t tell the difference because you are no longer thinking with your brain! *FAP*FAP*FAP*

  2. @Trb : Hahaha maybe…

    @DaftHour : just search for “Stoya” in google pictures and you’ll see… (disable safe search, o’course !)

  3. duuuude … !!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t you eaven dare comparing this redhead GODDESS with that slutty Stoya

  4. @ Angry Machine…i respect a man with knowledge about his porn

    @Gowron…i advise thee to vacate the premises whilst fornicating thy rectum with an incandescently hot iron rod.

  5. @ Trb , i bet that’s something you’ve allready tried (and liked) since you’re playing the good’ol friendly neighbour and suggesting it to other people ; and as a reinforcement to my previous statement i advise you to take a better look at the photo posted by Neg0 and admire the 100% natural and gorgeous redhead girl , something you’ll never find in your petty porn … thus think twice before making silly comparisons

  6. DaftHour if you look past the bitches you will see the awesome predalien sculpture. it s behind the bitches. if you want to see the awesome shit you must look behind … you get it. ps: they’re fuckin’ ugly. bitches. ugly.

  7. Now listen here trekkie, you just can`t go around forcing your quaint little thoughts on women around here; you see…i`m more than sure i was pretty clear in my first message about what your future action should have been.
    Yet, sir, you still spam this charming comment board about pale feminine charms, with your odious and sickening presence.
    I strongly suggest that you end your existence, so that other, more important human beings can enjoy the oxygen that was wasted every time your lungs drew breath.

    Now … Off you fuck!

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