1. sayans can breathe in space…not sure is superman can do that, with all the “turning back time” shit from the movie, still not sure.

    Ssj4 Goku could easily whop some Superman ass.


  2. this shows the difference between japanese superheroes and american superheroes. the american ones look dangerously gay.

  3. and btw this shows the mentality of the americans…they all expect someone else to save them while the japanese say the power is in you

  4. ssdd go fap to you manga shit. american heroes are way more cool and make a lot more sense that your yellow haired, huge sworded, gay make-up asian couterparts. tell me wolverine or hulk or batman aren’t badasses, and those teenage rice-fuckers are and i’ll shit in your throat.

  5. you’re all full of bullshit. if DC vs. DB would come out you’d all cry like 12 year old girls on helium.

    this pictyure is badass btw.

  6. if americans are so much better then why do they try to make shit like japanesse? Why was Dragon Ball GT the weakest part of Dragon Ball? PRODUCED BY FAT UGLY MC DONALD’S ADDICTED AMERICANS. Or Afro Samurai…the best part of that series was Samuel Jackson’s voice…american anime producers are just japannesse anime producers wanna be’s.

  7. Seriously? American’s suck? Ever hear of the A-bomb we dropped on Japan? Fried all their pathetic, kamikaze-loving asses. Get a clue, SSDD. Superman=power of the most abundant element in the universe (Hydrogen, BTW) at the atomic level vs a big haired, gay-Japanime monkey. Uhh…no contest.

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