1. Apparently you guys never saw Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? Or read the most amazing book ever for that matter?

  2. Jukari, ppl here is too busy posting and don’t have time for silly things like reading. And Hitchhiker’s Guide is such an old movie, it was made like 60 billion years ago, get over it.


    Check out this motherfucking shit right here, you limp dick fuck-faced son of a bitch! It’s a goddamn mini fucking lightsaber that cuts yo bread up, foo’! That shit is TIGHT!

    You fucking think that’s all, you ass-crackin’ piledriving piece of shit? HEEEELL NO, BITCH! This shit right here even toasts your fucking bread, pisshead!

    That’s right, motherfucker, you slice it ‘n toast it ‘n shit!

  4. @Rives: LOL -> New Ebonic Billy Mays
    @Trb: You’re the only fag here.
    @Maus: Damn right it did!
    @Miss..something or other….: Ok…

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