1. @tedesco: So the Normandy Invasion had: US, Canada, UK and of course the Russians…. ohh wait no the Russians weren’t there. They were too busy getting their asses handed to them at Stalingrad. FYI the only reason the Germans didn’t stop Russia was because the oil in their tanks froze. (Now that’s fucking cold)

    I mean really, you could of at least said the UK… that might of been a closer answer.

  2. You guys are funny…

    There’s absolute NO FUCKING WAY to the americans/british/aliens have landed if 80% of the Wehrmacht wasn’t fighting the ‘pussy russians’ as you say.

    And just for information: Stalingrad was in 42/43′. Normandy only in mid 44′. So please go read so books about the eastern front.

    BTW the americans did good in my point of view, at least they have saved a piece of Europe of being raped. Russians were fucking beasts by that time.

    I’m no russian, no american, no german. I just face facts.

  3. America did shit at the war’s end UK and SUA haven’t conquered Italy,what a shame the main enemy was the USSR,read : “Dosarul Hitler” is a file made by NKVD based on the confessions of two off Hitlers generals Heinz Linge abd Otto Gunsche.

  4. This image was made with the sole purpose of trolling Americans.
    Jukari counter-trolled the shit outta you guys. Heh.

    You’re recommending a romanian title to people that have never heard of Romania. Learn English, you ignorant cunt.

  5. Well, the US hasn’t lost the battleto the Vietcong but due to political problems at home, a thing, that the Vietcong had not to face, because they were commies and commies obviously not tolerate any political oppostion, but crush them…

  6. i’m damn sure everyone here is romanian,i won’t question your english only policy i gave you the name to a book that i recommend,piece of shit,if i said to you:”Hitler file”probably you wouldn’t know exactly the name.

  7. Ah, this would bring up a subject, discussed in another thread, about how you little ignorant cocksuckers think it’s all about yourselves. But no point in going into that again.
    In this lovely thread we have: .ro, .us, .br and .de
    I don’t think you understand the difference between the domain name and the website itself. .ro is a minority here (less than a third, at the moment), despite the domain, and in the near future it will no longer have a significant presence.
    Also, you’re contradicting the website’s owner regarding the demographics.
    Educate yourself, think before you speak, and learn to STFU. It’s not the first time you post stupid shit. You don’t belong here. Pack your shit and get the fuck out.
    Carry on guys.

  8. I’m just glad the allies won. I don’t really mind who played the greatest part . I hold the same respect for each and every lost soul in each conflict. That said, just laugh its meant to be funny and an obvious troll!

  9. Negative0 “little ignorant cocksuckers”….can you put that in a meh way so that some of us won’t leave this place with an unexpected bitter taste? not like you care…

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