1. I think that the article is right. “After reading this topic, most people will still not get irony. But they’ll think they will even more than before. Then they’ll go out into the internet and disseminate even more false information about irony.”
    Having read that article does not mean you are now enlightened. That’s just a bullshit excuse for you to act against the mainstream belief like you’re suddenly better due to a deeper understanding. And actually believing, now, that most of the irony-labeled material does not contain irony… well, that makes you… let’s say, not very bright.
    Citing (smart) people’s statements does not make you smart, it makes you an easily impressionable dumb fuck.
    I don’t remember where I’ve read this… I’ll get back to you with the source and some quotes.
    TL;DR: It IS irony.

  2. Oh yeah, and by smart people I don’t mean the authors of the article. ‘Cuz it’s complete crap. I put it like that because you think the article smart.
    That’s hipster humor. In poor taste and not really bright. It’s designed to make the user relate on it and make him feel special by offering him a retarded new/unique perspective which only a “select few” are able to comprehend.
    It’s standard marketing strategy for any entity which addresses a weak-minded target.
    The actual problem with the notion of irony is that people use it too loosely. Most of the times it actually is irony or at least ‘almost irony’, by which I mean it’s actually an ironic scenario, but some element is missing to be completely legit. And even so, that element is easy to ignore and the irony could be acceptable anyway. But some people are strict and they get pissed off when it’s not 100% correct. The author is a stupid fuck because he thinks if that certain element is missing (therefore the irony is not completely legit) the whole scenario is not-irony… and thinking like that is retarded.

  3. neg0 there are no such fans, stop looking for them. and we don’t need no wise asses to tell us what irony does or doesn’t mean. every individual understands irony is his own perspective, it\s much too common to simply state that it is a fixed notion.

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