Sasha Grey and Existentialism

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  1. Both Sasha and Fjodor are included in my book of awesome. She’s probably the only porn star who comes even close to having an Erdos-Bacon number.

  2. Gostros says:

    She’s hot, butt i bet she never read she book :)) I want a pic of Jena Jameson reading Nietzsche, that’s gonna look even hotter!

  3. darkfritz2 says:

    the truth is that are some girls out there who are goddamn hot and intelligent in the same time. it’s a pitty that they are pretty rare.

  4. Jukari says:

    I’m dating one :)

  5. Maus says:

    online dating or … ?

  6. unders says:

    Jukari does your girlfriends name end with .jpg? :))
    And come on she’s a fucking porn star i would be surprised if she knew how to add or subtract.

  7. ssdd says:

    look on the smirk on her face…i think she is mocking

  8. TwirlingSun says:

    Hey! The kitchen is not a library!

  9. beautephile says:

    You’re sooo mean. All of you. Why can’t you believe she can be a porn star and smart as well? That unique smirk of hers is because she always knows something you don’t. I think that the character from “The Girlfriend Experience” is very much based on Sasha Grey and that’s the reason why Soderbergh chose her for the part.

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