1. When did all these fucking idiots appear. I thought the majority of people on here would be progressive Europeans. If Obama were a politician in Europe he would be slightly right wing at best so shut the fuck up already.

  2. @dieAntagonista: Whats wrong didn’t get your hand out? Right wing my ass, Obama’s a fucking socialist you retard!

  3. Obama is merely an eloquent person behind the same Bush doctrine that everyone complained about when Bush was president. If Obama is a socialist then so was Bush, if your definition of socialism is broad enough to include Obama it’s broad enough to include Bush. This so called “socialism”, by your definition that is, was already in place for many decades in America. America has public schools, public police, public post and so on. Nobody cared about opposing these things when a republican was in office, but now that a so called democrat continues the same way it’s “socialism.”

    Fuck you, fuck your redefining of terms as you see fit and fuck your agenda.

    And by the way, socialist is not an insult to me, in Europe we call this being civilised. I WISH Obama were a socialist. In America there is only batshit insane right wing and mildly right wing. Everyone else gets drowned in the insanity and doesn’t really have a voice.

  4. @dieAntagonista is it that time of the month? Tampon? please nobody gives a fuck your opinion. I’m European to and i know that Obama like Bush and like many others before them we’re corrupt fucks. And it’s my right to hate Obama because it’s my right to hate what America is doing to the world. NOTHING will change so please keep your shitty opinions to your self.

  5. Haha thanks, I’d be a radical socialist president though. So if you happen to own a multi million dollar business, you’re gonna lose money. Oh and I’m impressed that you addressed me properly, antagonista without the article. Very nice.

  6. @Gostros Where the fuck was I arguing in favour of Obama or what America is doing you douchebag? If you have a right to hate Obama, and call him nigger (which is not a shitty opinion at all right), then so do I. And if you didn’t care you wouldn’t reply, so next time take a deep breath, pull your head out of your ass and read what I actually wrote before commenting on it.

  7. What i wast trying to say you stupid fucking cunt is that i’m SICK of politics.Cant watch TV cant listen to the radio, cant read a newspaper without politics being shoved up my throat! Now on meh to? WTF is this shit are you trying to look intelligent by feeding bullshit to me? I think you should pull your head out of your ass and i dunno die or something….

  8. What you were trying to say? Am I supposed to read your mind you delusional twat? And I’m SICK of primitive cunts like you who need to call black people nigger. Not a day goes by where I don’t hear at least one stupid fuck call Obama a nigger. “Now on meh to?”

    Don’t tell me what to do because neither do I. If you don’t like politics don’t talk about it. And maybe move to Alabama, you’d fit right in.

  9. Obama is black so you call him a nigger, I’m a girl so you say I must be on my period. I really don’t think the problem here is me. Get rid of your TV and stop blaming me for your problems.

  10. @dieAntagonista For someone who doesn’t live in America you sure do know a lot about our political system. (Sarcasm intended)

    An if you knew anything about American we haven’t had a decent choice in president since Regan. All elections since then have been between a Giant douche an a Turd Sand which. (South Park Referenced)

    Quite frankly I’m tired of Europeans blaming American citizens for what our leaders do. I don’t give a fuck about globalization, or any of the countries around the world, you all can burn to ashes for all I care. I don’t want to spend my tax dollars on starving African kids, rebuilding Iraq, or that shitty useless organization called the UN. I agree America should be self centered forget about the world and focus on ourselves for once. I don’t want our country policing the world anymore than you do. Unfortunately that liberal agenda much like the one Obama pushes wants us to save the planet. If it were my choice Id bomb the planet and use all your countries for fertilizer. Especially Mexico :)

  11. I would usually find that offensive Jukari butt you have a point. I would do the exact same thing if i had the choice, butt i dont. So for fuck sake lets stop bitchin about this shit and move on. Cunt dieAntagonista are you with me?

  12. @Jukari

    “Unfortunately that liberal agenda much like the one Obama pushes wants us to save the planet.”

    That is not a liberal agenda. If what Obama does is a liberal agenda then it was a liberal agenda of Bush to go to war with Iraq. Did you get pissed when that happened? Or do you have a problem with what’s happening in Iraq only after the damage was done?

    I don’t believe in democracy, for a democracy to work you need an educated population. Whatever leader gets elected in a country represents the population. Once there are more American republicans that can locate Iraq on a map, I’ll take them seriously when they talk about “liberals.”


    You are a hypocrite. Jukari was the first in this thread to make a political comment and you didn’t complain. Instead you called Obama a nigger and whined about your TV and whatever. You’re the cunt, move to Alabama and for fuck’s sake stop telling me what to do you racist piece of shit.

  13. antagonistul…. my arch enemy. Or wait I guess you would have to be a protagonist to be my arch enemy. So, ce mai faci frate. Just kidding, English only. I got excited when I saw your name in some other thread here a while ago.

  14. rules are for everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you read the “(english only)” part???? who cares that you got excited by reading a name..by the way, i hear that the piss master, gostroc wants you outside the kitchen and into the troll war..chose iraq as a battle ground..talking about politics is lame…cose you only care about your fat ass but when it came to criticize others actions you are the first to do so..make a change kill yourself

  15. I would reply to that pseudo threat if it weren’t so poorly written. Back to English class with you, chop chop.

    I wrote only four words in Romanian, it’s a line even most non Romanians recognise and it was in reply to antagonistul, not you. If Neg0 has a problem with it he can ban me.

  16. Ohhh yeah she’s back :)) Where have you been? i’ve been worried sick! Such a fighter, such a noble internet whore!!! My regard’s to you sweet sweet cunt Antagonista!

  17. <- Can locate Iraq on a map. Including its surrounding countries. I should since most of my friends are over there right now. (Military)

    Democracy works fine, but I agree it depends on the population being educated. Unfortunately it seems that being stupid has become "cool" IE: Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Jersey Shore… ugh… An Obama was only voted in because he's black. Not trying to be racist, that's just a fact. Most of the people who voted for him can't tell you his stance on anything. It was more of an American Idol vote than it was a presidential vote.

    Socialism is scary stuff, and it gives the Federal government too much power. If I'm not mistaken wasn't Hitler part of the National Socialism party?

    I don't like the idea of giving the federal Government control over everything for several reasons… an all you have to do is read the book 1984 to understand.

    Besides you guys may of had social medicine for years an it may work OK… but you also aren't the leading countries in medical science. Because of our capitalist system it allowed companies to compete in medicine making it more cut throat and cutting edge. Therefore it is a fact that we have the best medicine in the world.

    I like how you keep bringing up Bush and comparing him to Obama saying their basically the same person. An realistically your right Bush goes against what the fundamental idea of what republican means "small government". So if your looking for me to support Bush an hate Obama your wrong. I hate them both. But if I had to go back an vote again. Id vote for bush twice. Because the people he was running up against were even worse. Kerry an Al Gore….ugh…

    Anyway I'm ranting…

  18. Well there’s the first thing we both agree on. Yes, Obama got too much attention just because he’s black, and Hillary and Palin because they’re women. Without these three it could have been a far better election, although this is the fault of sensationalist media and people who think it’s important to have a president who is the first ever _____ president than electing one who will do the job well. I was in favour of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich but neither of them had a chance because they weren’t mainstream enough. The media purposely gave them less attention and people even reported that there was a vote fraud where they wouldn’t let people vote for Dr. Ron.

    I’m afraid you’re mistaken here, Jukari. This is the kind of misconception that is so widespread in America for some bizarre reason. National Socialism has “socialism” in it yes, however it is not the same at all. National Socialism is on the far right, it’s basically extreme right wing views. The extreme version of socialism would be communism, which is on the far left. People either think socialism is the same as nazism or communism. Neither is true, socialism is only a practical system, it still works together with capitalism while communism doesn’t.

    About health care, yeah you have the best medicine but who can afford it? Haven’t you seen the miserable stories reported by the news of cancer patients who can’t afford the drugs they need to get better? Or what about the fact that the US has the second worst newborn death rate in the modern world? Who benefits from this system right now and who would benefit from it if you adopted the same system as every other 1st world country? Did you know that in the years after 9/11, 900 people died because they helped rescue victims and didn’t get proper care afterwards and couldn’t afford their bills? How is this right. Do you at least agree that it needs reform?

    I brought up Bush because you blamed Obama for spending your tax dollars “on lazy people” when it was Bush who got the US into this mess in the first place.

    So then, which presidential candidate was your favourite in 2008?

    I like rants.

  19. so did i, when i saw yours in this thread.

    it moved. just a bit, but still
    then i saw your profile picture.
    nuff said :P

  20. hey..
    we antagonists have to stick together
    it-s a wierd concept, just like anarchist organisations..or electricity.
    so..yeah, we can-t expect support from douchebag protagonists, can we?

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