1. what theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuck :|

    i mean , they must have had this map in their archives , they didn’t paint it in that day or something…

    god dammit america >_<'

  2. America the last superpower? This is the most idiotic phrase i’ve heard this week.
    Not only there are at least 2 other superpowers, but imo China will leave USA behind in near future (max. 10 years).

  3. @Lup the Dude and Panzerfaust. Don’t get me wrong America suck’s and i hope they fucking die already, but they are the last superpower remanding and it’s hard for me to belive that’s gonna change soon. Yeah China and Russia are the shit when it comes to nuclear arsenal butt think Americans have a thirst for war like no other country on this god damn earth and they have the technology to support that thirst. Butt with that nigger as the president maybe there’s hope after all :D

  4. yeah, there’s no doubt russia has one of the largest armis in the world, the biggest amount of nuclear weapons and really impressive number of “big toys”, but that doesn’t necessary mean their army is the most fearsome, or whatever.

    I mean..in ww2 russia’s army was even more impressive (for that time) but what can be said about their defense when nazi germany invaded them?

    Just an example: russia had more airplanes then all the other countries put together, but in few weeks after nazi invasion, most of them vanished. Most of them were destroyed on ground…

  5. a lot of things can happen in 65 years dude, back then russia preferred quantity over quality. these days i think they found the perfect recipe: quantity and quality.

  6. America is the single greatest superpower in the world, and it anyone disagrees, they can take ten pounds (no not brit money, because in the real world our money and weight units are not the same) of lead up your ass. As for the rest of you niggers, if America sucks so much, how come none of you can use proper English and punctuation? The picture is obviously altered.

  7. Lup the Dude you my friend are a piece of shit and i hope you suck communist cock for the rest of your short pathetic life:) Remember what Russia did to us, remember how much your parents stood in line for half a bread and and 20 grams of salami just to feed your snot-nose face :| Fuck you bitch!!! ANTIFA are recruting Bald, brainless apes. Please join and GTFO

  8. Gostros, i’m not your friend and i don’t approve of communism. i’m apolitical, that means i don’t give a flying fuck about any type of ideology. it’s true, your mom luvs cock, she told me so at the last gangbang. i’m not gonna argue with you anymore because you’re an idiot from the internet who thinks he can win an argument online and that is fucking retarded. or… maybe you are fucking retarded. interesting supposition, i’ll have to think about that.

  9. @ hennessyvenom, before you get off your mom’s basement, I suggest you open your damn eyes, stop watching oprah, and do a little research on what’s going on in this world. If you see USA (yeah, that’s the name of your county btw) as “the single gratest superpower” then it’s obvious you live under a rock.

    “Niggers”?? Wtf.

    “if America sucks so much, how come none of you can use proper English and punctuation?” What? What has one thing to do with another? Better stfu, people like you give USA a bad look.

    And just for your information, I have no problem with USA, nor with the capitalism, and I, too, hate communism.

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