1. Win. All they need is the white part, anywayz… I heard the blue and the red bits are detachable (Velcro or smth)…

  2. how many gears do french tanks have?
    5 different gears for reverse and one that makes it go forward just in case they are attacked from behind

  3. @cdguy
    French stereotype. WW2, surrender, white flag etc. Click the France tag. There are 3 more.

  4. After World War Two a german gentleman arrives at the french airport.
    The customs worker asks for his passport, takes a look at it and then asks :
    -No,no, just visiting.

  5. Stop making generalities plz, all French people were not surrenders, most of them fought and gave their lives. Also all Americans are not obese stupid dumbass, but most of them are.
    It’s really easy to talk about something behind a computer screen.

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