1. neah , just fucking with you guys :)) i’m a dota player so i know about her a little (the drow ranger) and evern her first skill is frost arrow!

  2. This is actually Sylvanas Windrunner from WoW. But I think it’s kinda the same character model, so yeah, it’s also Traxex.
    There’s also a big World of Warcraft logo on this image, but no one will ever notice it.

  3. fuck Hon…no offense, but if dota was not invented, hon would not exist either.
    Get it? So why play the rip off, when you can play the original?

    @Neg. Yeah, this is sylvanas, but the dota players swore allegiance to Traxex :))

    so…who wants some dota ass-kicking? garena anyone?

  4. @Trb there are 7238783 reasons why hon is better than dota but i guess u haven’t play it yet if you have that opinion

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