imma hold my breath until you love me

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  1. unders says:

    this is just… disturbing, it’s not even funny man.

  2. Quality lulz were had and now I’m going to hell.

  3. Chog says:

    I lol’d my fuckin’ ass off… Go ahead, hold your breath!
    @Antagonista: Fuck it, we’re all goin’ to Hell anyway, so we could at least make it worth it and enjoy the ride…

  4. XGrizzly says:

    yup youre right…

  5. CIneva says:

    hold your breath damn bastard…hope you die slowly creepy m*fucker…damn he’s disturbing

  6. Frozen says:

    RUN…It’s gonna pop

  7. Chog, I appreciate your attitude.

  8. Urs says:

    this is real fucked up

  9. RamRam says:

    who’s that guy behind him???

  10. neurones says:

    It’s not supposed to be funny. It is a rare genetic condition called progeria or the Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome. The ones affected age quickly and usually die before they reach 13.

  11. RamRam says:


  12. Negative0 says:

    That’s exactly why it’s funny.

  13. Maus says:

    actually neurones’s right , it was funny before i knew all that shit

  14. Panzerfaust. says:

    I still don’t love you, you creepy bastard

  15. ssdd says:

    xgrizly this is the wonder work of your god?…he is a noob at creation.

  16. Maus says:

    STOP TALKING ABOUT RELIGION! c’mon ssdd , don’t give him satisfaction 8-|

  17. RamRam says:

    they’re coming for you jonathan..who’s coming? singing children jonathan…they’re riding animals and singing

  18. Anonymous says:

    @unders: Nigga, you gay.

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