1. Every man is entitled to a glass of wine…
    …and after a glass of wine you’re a different man

  2. after five glasses of wine rumanian becomes your second language, and you are one crazy motherfucker. but the worst drunk people are in the back of the bar going “hey, ‘ya think someone’s going to notice the taste of piss in this barrel’o’beer?”

  3. @Sniper
    Didn’t raise the funds yet.

    There might be a problem with my bank, ‘cuz I ain’t getting my money from your generous donations. Heh, this feels so silly, like all these efforts and wasted resources are unappreciated and it’s all in vain. But I’m sure the bank will fix the problem soon, and I’ll get my reward.

  4. I know… you can’t trust banks, they’re tricky! ( Haven’t you saw Fight Club? ).

    The naughty little fkers did that to me too. Eveytime I call the bank they’re like “Sniper, who?”. I even called different banks. Nobody wants to pay me for my website.

    P.S. I don’t actually have a website, but it’s the principle that matters.

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