1. It’s rough out there in the war.. No food, no nothing.. Poor soul.. I believe that she actually wants to die..

  2. Oh, ok :))but she doesn’t even have boobs..There’s just bones instead of boobs:-/ still?

  3. She’s a model, they all look like this.
    And models are not real women. The industry is ran by homosexuals, so the look is as they demand it. A faggot wouldn’t know how a fuckable woman looks like.
    If you want real women, check out the porn industry. It doesn’t get any better than that. Everything’s made by real men, and they make the chicks look like men want them to look like. Fuck yeah!

  4. Hell yeah, there’s truth in your words… Even tho… I could point out a few models that are worth a fap… I mean a look, or whatever…
    How ’bout Adriana Sklenarikova? Gisele Bundchen?

  5. Of course there are exceptions to any general rule.
    Yeah, there are a lot of hot models. But usually they look like shit.

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