1. well,this is not humor,it`s a campaign started to prevent accidents caused by using the phone while driving.take your licence and we`ll see then:d

  2. i know you posted it because the word she is in picture and it has a sort of connection with your misoginy.

  3. A bit sexist I suppose…Although I have to admit, women are lousy drivers.
    To sum up, I like it.

  4. I think you should do it more often (talk on the phone while she drives); maybe they’ll learn 2 stfu.

  5. No, no, no. This is actually about how you shouldn’t do that because you’ll get your awesome brand new shirt all messed up with blood stains. The bitch is gonna crash anyway.

  6. Well, the blood is probably a metaphor for the discomfort caused by witnessing her failure or some fancy psychological shit like that.
    Anyway, the point is the bitch is gonna crash if she gets behind the wheel, and you have better shit to do than hearing her do that.

  7. I understood that :))) the blood even have the shape of a human crashing or hitting smth (the pattern of blood directions is too chaotic and too damn relevant); I was talking about “cleaning” a little bit the drivers field; I’m a simple person with a simple way of thinking :)

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